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Extinction Of Elona[DVDF][edit]

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My Mini Pets[edit]

Miniature Necrid Horseman.pngNecrid HorsemanMiniature Hydra.pngHydraMiniature Jungle Troll.pngJungle TrollMiniature Whiptail Devourer.pngWhiptail DevourerMiniature Temple Guardian.pngTemple GuardianMiniature Jade Armor.pngJade ArmorMiniature Charr Shaman.pngCharr ShamanMiniature Pig.pngPigMiniature Asura.pngAsuraMiniature Varesh.pngVareshMiniature Siege Turtle.pngSiege Turtle

South Africa
Played Guild Wars since
January 2006

I am a 16 year old male i like metal music and Guild Wars, my favourie campain is Guild Wars Nightfall i DONT like classical music or jazz or any related to jazz and classical i dont go out that much when i do its mostly to go watch a movie or see family. I like Bleach a lot(The show not the cleaning product) i also like playing psp and Play Station 2 and of course computer. I mostly like to play RPG games with a good or playable sotryline like Final Fantasy or Guild Wars i also like animals i have a lot of pets and i do not like people who polute on purpose at all.

Guild Wars Background[edit]

I started playing Guild Wars in January 2006, it was my 1st online game i had ever play so i was pretty much a noob with everything. My friend Swift The Cunning introduced me into Guild Wars and helped me start out with great difficulty but i eventually cought on [Thanks Swift ;)] I own the Guild Wars (Prophecies), Factions and Nightfall Collectors Edition and i have one character of every perfession who have all completed their campaigns.

I spend most of my time playing my Elementalist,Extinction Of Charr, who was my first character but then i moved onto my warrior then my assain and so on and now i play most of my characters when i can. I have created every single perfession but they are spread out through different campaigns and i have one pvp character slot free. I can play most builds alright but im not so good with the infuser i need to practice with it. I like Guild Wars mostly for the people and the team work it creates and I have hardly played with henchmen or heroes but i will on the odd occasion when no one is there to play. I like PVP and PVE both in the same way really i like Heroes Ascent and Alliance Battles mostly but i will play GVG if needed.

I have many friends in Guild Wars and have introduced a lot of people to the game, i have also had a friend with a hacker problem which luckily got sorted very quickly due to the amount of people threatening the hacker and an entire alliance PMing the hacker like crazy. I have played Guild Wars for a year and a half now and have no intention of quitting for a long time.


I am a proud member of Blu Ray [DVDF]DVDF Alliance.

DVDF is a tight-knit community of guilds sharing common goals, policies and tags. DVDF embraces all kinds of gameplay and has enjoyed some PvP success but are most active and better known within PvE community and the many events we've hosted, including the Gift Giveaway in Christmas 2007 and the collection and presentation of ingredients to help many hundreds of players get minature pets during the Canthan New Year event.

DVDF held a party to celebrate their second birthday in May 2007, filling two LA International districts for several hours while hundreds of Guild Wars players came to take part in the lottery, competitions and collect prizes and gifts given out during the party.

DVD Forums were featured as Guild of the Week on 19th June 2007.

Previous Guilds[edit]

In the time i have been playing Guild Wars i have been in many guilds.

Reflection Of Honour [RoH] (Officer)

I joined this in the first few days I started to play Guild Wars it was a lvl 20 only guild but thanks to a friend i got in but sadly this guild collasped just after factions was released.

Glory Of Death [GoD] (Member)

I spent about 8 months in this guild it was part of the alliance that owned HzH but sadly when HzH was taken over by [Whoa] (who sabotaged The Kamalis Protector [oOo] ) and therefore destroyed it.

Just Type Resign [NOOB] (Officer)

This guild was the rebirth of The Kamalis Protector we were changing from faction farming and all PVE to a PVP guild and for a while we got a a very good rank with GVG and HA but then we started loosing and people started leavign and quitting Guild Wars so it died shortly after.

Seven Deadly [Sins] (Member)

I wnet to this guild because my friend invited me telling me this was the new guild to own HzH so i joined and for a while it was realy fun, but then my friend left to go into PVP more and so i stayed in [Sins] for a month or more so eventually i left to go help my friend with his new guild (The same friend who left Sins to go into more PVP)

Omg Res Me Ffs Not Restore Life [zomg] (Officer)

This guild was my friends guild that i joined this was a PVP guild for mostly HA it was a guild good with cool adn funny members but my friend didnt like the name and sold it off to create a new one.

Stealing tags is [EviL] (Officer)

This was my friends new guild that i joined after [zomg] was sold this was also a PVP guild for HA and GVG aswell it lasted for about 3 months then my friend sold this guild off as well because he found a even better name.

We Live In Huts With Dial Up [습습습] (Officer)

This was one of the best guilds i was in it was also made by my friend and was a PVP HA guild, we did pretty well in HA and while we were at the best we had ever done the leader (my friend) had exams and could only come on in about 2 months so sadly Huts was closed till the summer and a person became leader to just keep the guild till then and all members and officers left.

The Lazy Imperium [Lazy] (Member)

I was in this guild after Huts collasped and my friend was off for 2 months i didnt really know any body but it was a strong community of guilds and people who laughed and had fun.


Elementalist-icon.png Extinction Of Charr[edit]

Finished Campaigns:

Warrior-icon.png Extinction Of All[edit]

Finished Campaigns:

Ranger-icon.png Extinction of Aidan[edit]

My glorious lvl 1 Mule who shares the exact features and could be a possible twin sister of Mia Rynale ^.^

Finished Campaigns:

Monk-icon.png Swift Mhleno[edit]

^ only noticed Mhenlo was spelt wrong after buying him 15K judges rofl! I fail ^.^ A Monk who likes to get in tough with his feminin side.

Finished Campaigns:

Necromancer-icon.png Extinction Of Death[edit]

A Necro who has had his fare share of Farming , PvEing and PvPing in his 15K Luxon. Probaly has 2nd most played hours.

Finished Campaigns:

Elementalist-icon.png Swift Pyro[edit]

My recreated ele with 15K pyromancer. Likes to blow things up?

Finished Campaigns:

Mesmer-icon.png Swifty Chaos Babe[edit]

Swifty Chaos Babe

My survivor mesmer. Made her cause im like the few DVDFers who didnt have mesmer and i wanted to join Mesmer partys! lol

Finished Campaigns:
None Yet

Dervish-icon.png Swift Silver Scythe[edit]

My Dervish who likes hacking away things with his big scythe and in his 15K sunspear. Not much to say :p A failed droks runner too ^^

Finished Campaigns:

Assassin-icon.png Extinction Of Tyria[edit]

Finished Campaigns:

Main PvP.png Slash Rank[edit]

My PvP name ^^ All PvP chars will be under this name.


The order of my characters goes from who was created first to who was created last.

Elementalist-icon.png Extinction Of Charr. This was the 1st character I made my Elementalist I didnt know about the charr but my friend told me about them so i made this name (thanks Swift) He currently has 15k pyromancer armour.

Warrior-icon.png Extinction Of All. This is my warrior, when creating this character i decided when making this character that ALL my characters would start with the name "Extinction Of" and then the last word would change with each character. He currently has 15k Gladiator armour.

Assassin-icon.png Extinction Of Tyria. This character was my first factions character, it was a Assassin it is has one of the coolest armour compare to the rest of my characters. He curently has 15k kurzik armour.

Necromancer-icon.png Extinction Of Death. This is my Necromancer who is at the moment a MM i figured instead of making him Extinction Of Life (which is my monk) why not go the oppisite way just for fun. He currently has 15k Luxon armour.

Ranger-icon.png Extinction Of Aidan. This is my ranger who has a awsome pet pheonix who i named Birdy :D. He currently has 15k luxon armour.

Monk-icon.png Extinction Of Life. This is my monk who has the oppisite name of what it should because i was bored. He currently has 15k Imperial armour.

Mesmer-icon.png Extintion Of Time. This is my memsmer i dont really play with play with him that much any more but he is cool to have around. He currently has 15k Elite Sunspear armour.

Dervish-icon.png Extinction Of Elona. This is my very 1st Nightfall character my Dervish, he was become my MAIN character so im working on him most of the time now. He currently has 15k Primeval armour.

Paragon-icon.png Extinction Of Evil. This is my Paragon who looks um kinda wierd although he is pretty cool and can be very helpful. He currently has 5k Vabbian armour.

Ritualist-icon.png Extinction Of Good. This is my last character for the moment he is my Ritualist and he is a fiarly new character so im still working on him. He currently has 7.5k canthan armour.

Main PvP.png Emperors Hero. This is my PVP character but the perfession canges from time to time when i play different builds


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