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About Me[edit]

Ive been playing Guild Wars since just after release, and have completed almost everything. I now spent my time either farming or helping people, I find assisting someone to do something they have struggled with highly rewarding. I went to gw2, was top on my server for quite a long time but due to personal reasons i quit, now back in gw1 to finish my last pve titles/HoM statues for pvp and to chill out and help others.

Although Ive done everthing game wise im not the best and if I cant help someone I try and find someone that can.

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My Minipet Collection

My Title progress


Oohh, Look, Its Me[edit]

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CCORPG This user dislikes GW being called a MMO.
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Faction (Kurzick).jpg This user has achieved the title Savior of the Kurzicks with 10,056,000 Faction exchanged.
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