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About Me[edit]

I am Jack and I live in England. I love playing Guild Wars 'cos it's awesome. I get annoyed with people who don't understand the basic mechanics of the English language, especially in places where they have time to check their writing. For more on this see my later section entitled "English Basics"

On the wiki[edit]

You'll see from contributions that all I really do is be a grammar nazi, I find a mistake I edit it.

My Characters[edit]

I have filled all my character slots but this is only to get birthday presents for my HoM filling up. As you can see I am no good at making up names.

  • Level 20 R/any Master Jack Kelly (main character)
  • Level 20 Mo/any Spirtit Bonder (created for 55 monking and other areas where my ranger won't get a group)
  • Level 15 E Recruiter Of Tee (intended to recruit for my (previous) rubbish guild, now going for LDoA and farming GotHs.)
  • Level 11 E Captain Ludo (intended for level 20 but is now a storage mule)
  • Random others that I don't know the names of.

Master Jack Kelly[edit]

This is my main character and is currently working on filling his HoM. He has recruited the help of a monk to help with things where a ranger probably won't get a team, in places like the Underword and FoW.

English Basics[edit]

Amount= stuff that you cannot count. Number= stuff you can count.



  • The amount of sand.
  • Amount of wood


  • The amount of people.
  • The amount of pages.

In the bad examples the word number should replace amount, because you can count it. Obviusly there are exceptions to this important rule, but they are quite rare.

  • Were-Were you there?
  • Where-Where are you?
  • We're-We're cool.
  • We're is a contraction for we are.
  • Wear-I am wearing clothes.
  • There-Look over there.
  • Their-Don't take that, it's theirs.
  • They're-is a contraction for they are.

The difference between duel and dual should also be noted.

  • I am having a duel with my freind.
  • I have dual wielded pistols.

Random Stuff[edit]

  • I have resolved never to buy norn armour, becuase it is a very big cliché.


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