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Name: Jeppe
Country: Denmark
Server: European
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Favourite Area: Depths of Tyria
Best Title: Legendary Vanquisher



I enjoy playing high-end PvE areas either solo or with a guild team (Domain of Anguish, Urgoz's Warren, the Deep, Underworld, Fissure of Woe). I'm currently working on achieving all PvE titles on my Monk. I am also testsing my skills as a Monk/Paragon Ursan, mainly because I recently found a Turep's Spear in Domain of Anguish.

Currently fighting through dungeons in Hard Mode, and farming reputation in Eye of the North.


HR Officer in the Bones Of Vengeance
The Bones Of Vengeance Homepage
I joined Bones Of Vengeance because of the relaxed approach to the game and the other guild members.

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European territory.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
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