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Resilient Was Xiko (large).jpg
Affiliation Luxon
Type Human
Profession Ritualist Ritualist
Level(s) 3280 (virtual)
Campaign Core

Manassas is a female gamer who is old enough to have kids playing the game too. Born in Cantha. Have a zillion toons spaced out over several account but is first and foremost 100% pure bred RIT. Mess with me, my profession, or Grenth my master and mentor and I will make sure you have 12 angry spirits haunting you for the rest of your life. And for the ignorants out there ... it's a Sprit Queen, not a "spirit spammer"

  • Primary char: Manassas Menace
  • Current aim: Collecting all unique weapons in the game, while still finding time to play Skyrim. (Or was it the other way around?)

P.S: I don't do PvP anymore, the drops are lousy and the monsters are rude.




Nimu Nimu Nimu Nimu Nimu Nimu [Nimu]

Exiles of Fang [Xile]

Nineteenth Legion [XIX]

What bugs me[edit]

  • That the developers choose to ruin an area (Snake Dance) which could have been a lot of fun. Now it is inhabited with 7,000 foes with skill bars solely designed to stop runners. For those of us wanting to actually play the game, fighting hordes of totally harmless foes with a 10 second delay for knockdowns is boring and pointless at best. Why didn't they just put bars up in front of Camp Rankor for those who aren't ascended?
  • So ritualists have to have unbelieavbly ugly headgear, fair enough, because the majority of us just chooses to hide it anyway. Why oh why does the Hall of Monuments then mock us by insisting on giving us a bucket over the head?


  • Name is possibly derived from the Manassas Cab Company in Virginia.
  • The name Manassas Menace is most likely a reference to the extremely popular song "The Menace" by Mörk Gryning.
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