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OMG I'm a gamer chick!
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OMG I'm a gamer chick!
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About Me[edit]

Hi I'm DJ Kelli Or as my main Char is Called Anolie Almond. I've love playing guild wars. But i also make guild wars movies and put them on you tube. I'm also a leader of The Guild Alliance Of Royal Knights. And I'm a Dj for Blade Radio. ^^ I'm a pretty easy going person and i love to hang out with ppl  :D

Guild Wars[edit]

I have Played Guild wars for about 3 years now. And I'm a mostly PVE person. but here recently i've been getting into the PVP side of the game. I'm mainly working on titles. Also wanted to get max armor on all my chars.

Contact Me[edit]

You can reach me through My talk page on this wiki.

You can also reach me in game: Dj Kelli / Anolie Almond/ Kelli's Sexy Pvp

Or Email me at:

Also post any questions on: Myspace Just look up Dj Kelli ^^

More Information About My Characters[edit]

Dj Kelli on 11-16-08

Blade Radio

Up Coming Events On Blade Radio[edit]

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Wolfie - One of the Owners & Founders of Blade Radio. This owner also Dj's very rarely, so its a special treat if you get to hear him on air.

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Daniel Frozenwind -- Events & Community Relations Manager

Malibu Barbie -- She is becoming a dj and helps with production (In game name: M A L I B U Barbie)

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