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Due to the destruction of Ascalon, all records including the birth of Echeytia, Phetani and Zipporah have been destroyed. Luckily Arianna, Malachi and Selenia were born after the initial destruction and during the rebuilding and their information lays intact in the archives at Kamadan and Lion's Arch. Echeytia began the successful line of Elementalists in her family, but each sibling has found their own unique way of utilizing their profession of choice.

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Avatar of Dwayna: Goddess of Air Elementalists

Above is a photo of Echeytia and her faithful black bear, Aishwarya, after her ascension. Echeytia aquired Aishwarya during her youth in Ascalon and they have been together ever since. Here is a brief summary of the Thoren family, their professions and a little bit of info about each.

First there are the Thoren triplets. There is Echeytia, who is a Level 20 Elementalist/Ranger and specializes in Air Magic. She is originally from Ascalon, but truly found her destiny as a Sunspear in Kamadan. She has explored most of the Prophecies champaign and has worked her way around the island of Istan. She is currently working on the Wisdom Title. Next is Phetani, who is a Level 20 Elementalist/Mesmer (PvP Only) and specializes in Earth Magic. The only time you will see her is if you're around the battle isles looking for a fight. Finally there is Zipporah, who is a Level 10 Elementalist/Monk and specializes in Fire Magic. She resides in pre-Ascalon and is working toward the Defender Of Ascalon Title.

Soon after the searing, the Thoren family moved to Kamadan where Arianna was born. She is a Level 20 Paragon/Elementalist who specializes in Motivation. She is currently working her way through the Sunspear Title Track. Then Malachi, the only guy in the family came along. He is currently a Level 10 Elementalist/Necromancer who specializes in Fire Magic and spends most of his time recruiting in Kamadan.

During a short return to Ascalon, Selenia was born. She is a Level 8 Necromancer/Mesmer who specializes in Death Magic. Being a complete opposite of her siblings and being born into the desolation of Ascalon she chose a darker set of skills to guide her.

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Guild-Logo.png Black Sun Of Eternity [BSoE]

Isle of Solitude

This is a guild created on July 29, 2009. At this time, recruiting is not in the works but I do plan on getting the Isle of Solitude Guild Hall. The option to expand is always there and I'm excited about the opportunity to do things 'my way' this time.

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