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Warrior To The Face
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Armor-Tyrian Chest, Legs, and Head. Kurzich Arms and Feet.
Achievements-Completed Factions
Favorite skill bars
"For Great Justice!".jpg
"For Great Justice!"
Dragon Slash.jpg
Dragon Slash
Enduring Harmony.jpg
Enduring Harmony
Sun and Moon Slash.jpg
Sun and Moon Slash
Whirlwind Attack.jpg
Whirlwind Attack
Enraging Charge.jpg
Enraging Charge
Lion's Comfort.jpg
Lion's Comfort
Sunspear Rebirth Signet.jpg
Sunspear Rebirth Signet


Defy Pain.jpg
Defy Pain
Endure Pain.jpg
Endure Pain
Dolyak Signet.jpg
Dolyak Signet
Lion's Comfort.jpg
Lion's Comfort
Cyclone Axe.jpg
Cyclone Axe
Penetrating Chop.jpg
Penetrating Chop
Sunspear Rebirth Signet.jpg
Sunspear Rebirth Signet

Mia Kaimu was born in Raisu Palace to Taren Kaimu, better known as The Emperor's Blade, and Haruko Lai. If she had been born a male then she would of been seen as a great warrior, however she was born a female so she was expected to grow up to become a monk or mesmer and learn the lady-like qualities that were needed to become a wife. Mia wanted to become a great warrior but she knew her parents would never let her, so she stole a sword off one of her fathers weapon racks and began training in secret. Once she learned all she could teach herself about swordsmanship she went on to learnd about the hammer, axe, and spear. Just after she finished mastering the spear she heard news of a contest held by the Imperial Guard's. The rules were simple, the last one standing was the winner, and the winner was awarded a free training lesson with the Captain of the Guard. Mia immediatly signed up although she used the fake name Warrior To The Face. When the day of the contest arrived Mia told her parents she was going to practice her weaving skills in her room, although once in her room she locked the door and climbed out the window to a chest below. In this chest she had placed a sword, shield, and a set of armor. She equipped the armor making sure the helmet covered her hair and face completly. Next she walked to the contest and got in place inside of the ring with the four other soldiers. Two of them looked like they had never held a sword in their life so they would be easy to take care of, the next wielded a war hammer and Mia knew that a knight without a shield is basically already defeated. The last one however held a Battle Axe and an Aegis with expert care, this was the knight that would be tough to take down. Mia was right, the first three soldiers went down quickly and the last knight and Mia battled for what seemed like hours. Finally just as Mia was about to give up the knight with the battle axe surrendered and took off his helmet to reavel his face... it was Mia's father, The Emperor's Blade. "Congratulations you beat one of the emperor's hand picked elite guards, you are the winner. Take off your helmet and show the palace who beat me", Mia's father said. Mia obeyed and removed her heavy helmet reavealing her long hair. The entire crowd including The Emperor's Blade gasped. "Mia what are you doing here?" Her father shouted. "Fighting, and winning I do belive, what makes you change your mind after seeing my face?" Mia replied. "Well, I guess you are correct you did win the battle so you win the prize. However the Imperial Guard does not allow female soldiers in the same class as male soldiers so you will be sent to work with a close friend of mine, Master Togo," The Emperor's Blade said. Mia was overjoyed and booked the next passage to Shing Jea Island when she got there she decided to keep her fake name, Warrior To The Face, to remind her of what she had to go through to get there.

Notes- My Sixth most played character, My sixth favorite character, highly neglected, I used to name my PvP chars (profession) to the face so the one was Warrior to the Face, Picture is taken in Raisu Pavilion