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Rhonwyn Danea Katlinel Gwendydd Chichibu Zulaya Zauditu Masara Abechi Taytu Anhrefnus Llyfrgellydd Mynach Mynedfa Saeth
Lady Rhonwyn
A beastmaster pur sang, hardly ever leaves the outpost without her stalker Poes.
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  • Tyrian Female Ranger/Any
  • Pet: A Melandru Stalker, named Poes
  • Created: September 2nd 2005
  • Experience:
42.221.407, which would translate to a level 2.826 character
  • Armor:
  • Heroes:


  • HoM Statues:
  • Goals:
  • No personal goals, but maybe one day Wisdom will be attained
  • Titles in Progress:
  • HoM Statues to get:
  • No HoM Statues left to get
  • Heroes to get:
  • No Heroes left to get
  • Titles:

Favourite Skill Bar:

Enraged Lunge
Scavenger Strike
Predator's Pounce
Never Rampage Alone
Call of Protection
Comfort Animal
Pain Inverter

The name Rhonwyn comes from the book Taliesin by Stephen R. Lawhead. Poes is the name of my first cat.

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