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Critical builds are a type of build used by assassins based around a high rank in Critical Strikes to maximize damage via frequent critical hits. The two most common builds are critical barrage using bows and critical scythes for melee.




Used by frontliners to take advantage of the weapon's inherent ability to strike up to three adjacent foes. Allows the assassin to take advantage of appropriate Earth Prayers buffs. Although critical hits do not increase Scythe damage as much as they do for other weapons, they still allow the assassin to maintain a large pool of energy.

Other weapons
  • Critical axe and sword builds are less common because they require too many attribute points to take full advantage of shields and because critical hits have a smaller impact on their overall damage.
  • Critical damage from Hammers is significant, but their slow rate of attack makes it more difficult to maintain the necessary buffs.


  • Near constant pool of energy, sufficient to make use of other skills.
  • High rate of critical hits deal significant amounts of damage per second to multiple targets.
  • Bow-based builds are often safer for assassins, particularly when leading a team of seven heroes or henchmen.
  • Vulnerable to enchantment stripping.
  • Little flexibility, especially when dealing with anti-melee teams.