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I Come From The Land Down[UnDA][edit]

I Come From The Land Down [UnDA]
Guild I Come From The Land Down cape.jpg
Territory Australian/New Zealand
Language English
Leader Master Kirbs
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 30+
Guild Hall Isle of Weeping Stone
Time zone AEST or GMT+10

Hi, and welcome to the guild page of I Come From The Land Down [UnDA]. We are a fairly new guild which is Australian/New Zealand based. Myself and a few mates of mine decided it was time to start our own guild and built it for Australians and others with a similar time zone so we can keep fairly active. All of us PvE and lend a helping hand when possible, on the occasion we will Run Dungeons, UWSC, Tombs, Title Grinding, Vanquing and do some PvP'ing.


We looking for laid back mature aussies, and we always prefer attitude over experience.

If you are interested in joining, use cut-and-paste to copy any of the Leader/Officer names below, and send us a Whisper to say hello. Introduce yourself, let us know you found out about us from the Wiki. We'll likely invite you immediately and we don't expect you to have to pay to join us. We consider it a privilege to have you as a member.

Contact information[edit]

  • Leader
    • -
  • Officers

  • 'Members
    • Members are constantly updating.

  • Guild Hall Services

We have a complete guild hall, many thanks to all who donated (Haha Slice N Dice, Lone Mesiah, Nox Ethereal, My Left Eye, Birdie Blitz)

Service Cost Purchased?
Xunlai Agent 10 Platinum checked
Dye Trader 50 Platinum checked
Crafting Material Trader 100 Platinum checked
Rare Material Trader 100 Platinum checked
Rune Trader 25 Platinum checked
Scroll Trader 50 Platinum checked
Skill Trainer 100 Platinum checked
Priest of Balthazar 10 Platinum checked
Merchant 25 Platinum checked
Weaponsmith 10 Platinum checked
Total checked 480 Platinum 10
Total unchecked 0 Platinum 0

Methods In The Madness Alliance
Leader Methods In The Madness
Members I Come From The Land DownKnights Australia • Marvel Superheroes • Morporkian MercenariesOverclockers Australia • Samurai Inspired • Society Of Kings • Wracked With Indecision