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If you would like to share any of your top builds, please add them here. As a member of this alliance, you can freely use any/all of the builds. If you see any improvements, please contact the build owner.

FORMAT (change what's inside the "<..>"): |- {{<primary profession>}} {{Secondary profession>}} <Char's name> || <Skill name> | {{<skill 1> | <skill 2> | <skill 3> | <skill 4> | <skill 5> | <skill 6> | <skill 7> | <skill 8>}} | <text info> | <text info> |
Character Skill Bar Name Skillbar Attributes & Bar Code NOTE
NecromancerAssassin Kyll NeverDawn "Turtle Kyller"
Awaken the Blood.jpg
Life Transfer.jpg
Blood Drinker.jpg
Plague Sending.jpg
Oppressive Gaze.jpg
Desecrate Enchantments.jpg
Viper's Defense.jpg
Shroud of Distress.jpg
Awaken the Blood.jpg
Defile Flesh.jpg
Life Transfer.jpg
Blood Drinker.jpg
Plague Sending.jpg
Oppressive Gaze.jpg
Desecrate Enchantments.jpg
Shadow Refuge.jpg
Blood:16, Curse:11, Soul Reaping:2, recommend using something like Deldrimore Blood Staff, OAdUQYjc2vNvB/ANsSA2gDBsDIA (version 1) or OAdUQYjc2vNvhAhfgGWJAbwBXGA (version 2) I created this FA build in August 2010 hoping to stop Lux's turtles in their track. VERSION 1: Awaken the Blood increases your Blood and Curse attributes by 2, so your Blood skill should be 18. The necro spell sequence activates sequentially from left to right. Shroud of Distress is used for healing. Using all the necro sequence, attack the turtle on top of the hill inside the fort, back off so you don't get hit by turtle, heal, and repeat. You can replace Viper's Defense with an anti-monk spell. Good Lux team will have a healer nearby the turtle. VERSION 2: (bottom one) Has Defile Flesh to make monk's healing not as effective, and replace Shroud of Distress with Shadow Refuge.
NecromancerRitualist Kyll NeverDawn "Kyll, My Undead Servants"
Feel No Pain.jpg
Boon of Creation.jpg
Aura of the Lich.jpg
Painful Bond.jpg
Signet of Corruption.jpg
Summon Spirits.jpg
Death:14, Channeling:11, Soul Reaping:3, OAhjUwGjIT4kOTyBVTtgYOdi0gA I created this PvE spirit & minion build in June 2010 to create havoc on the playing field. NOTE: alcohol goes well with Feel No Pain - for tanking purposes, Boon of Creation goes well with ANY (minions and spirits) creature you created - especially when activate Aura of the Lich with a large group of corpse nearby, Painful Bond and Signet of Corruption goes together, Agony and Summon Spirits goes well together - cast Summon Spirits when you are close to target and cast again before Agony runs out to continue that agony damage. You probably can tank with this bar in a corpse-infested area.
NecromancerMesmer Kyll NeverDawn "Melee a Flesh Wound"
Awaken the Blood.jpg
Mantra of Concentration.jpg
Spoil Victor.jpg
Life Siphon.jpg
Arcane Echo.jpg
Spinal Shivers.jpg
Animate Bone Minions.jpg
Plague Sending.jpg
Blood:16, Death:10, Soul Reaping:5, Curses: 3, Inspiration Magic: 6, MUST use a cold weapon!!! OAVFMGxla1NzbACoCbDLB+QVoSA I created this PvP build in May 2010 (tested in JQ) targeting warriors and sins because they keep kicking my behind. For this build you WANT them to hit you with all they have (and feel your sting)! The faster and harder they hit, the faster and harder they will fall. With Awaken the Blood, you should have 18 points in Death. You want your health below his/hers so Spoil Victor (SV) will kick in doing 115 health damage PER his/her attack. When the attacker health is low enough or went below yours, use Life Siphon (-4 degen) to finish him/her off. Use Arcane Echo to duplicate Spoil Victor on another sucker that is about to attack you. Remember to cast Mantra of Concentration BEFORE they get to you. Cast SV on unsuspected players who attack your minions also - minions health is usually below players. Spinal Shivers is to be used against casters, such as monks who's about to nuke your quarry. You MUST carry a cold damage weapon in order to disrupt the caster - no spells, no casting time, no energy needed to spam interrupts. You can substitute Illusion of Weakness instead of Plague Sending to attract yourself as a target, but be careful of any necros nearby - Illusion of Weakness does not work against degen's damage.

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