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How are we going to organize the new Feedback namespace?

Possible layouts[edit]

As the feedback namespace is locked during the initial set-up, this page is the place where discussion about it should happen.

Colors and design[edit]

Feedback portal[edit]


Bug Reports[edit]

Game Update talk pages[edit]

Developer Update talk pages[edit]

Skill update previews[edit]

Rules and FAQ[edit]


Template:GW feedback infobox/category logic



To do list[edit]

This where we list everything that still needs to be done.

Pages to be created[edit]

  1. Guild Wars Wiki:Terms of Use (referenced on Feedback:Main as location for new license wording)
Emily will create this page when the namespace is opened to public editing since it will replace the current Guild Wars Wiki:General disclaimer and Guild Wars Wiki:Copyrights pages requiring changes to the links in the interface and can't be done until the editing restrictions are lifted.

Existing pages to be finalized[edit]

  1. Feedback:Main
  2. Feedback:Getting started
  3. Feedback:Game updates


moved to Guild Wars Wiki talk:Feedback organization#Timing

Pages that should be locked[edit]

These are the pages that should be protected upon going live.