Seeking The Seer

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Seeking The Seer
Section Southern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Captain Hugo Bronzebeard
in Droknar's Forge
Preceded by The Dragon's Lair
Followed by Ice Caves of Sorrow
Type Secondary quest
Seeking The Seer map.jpg
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Seeking The Seer is a quest during which the player must speak to Jalis' scouts to determine if they could find out anything about the Seer.

Quest information[edit]




While following the quest marker, the player will come across Korg Snowfoot. Korg will be attacked by Stone Summit dwarves as soon as he is in range. If he survives, speak to him to complete part of the quest (it remains completed as long as the player does not zone out of the area, or until the next objective is completed).

Follow the new quest marker and to find Onar Ironblood. Speak with him and then follow the final quest marker to arrive at Ice Caves of Sorrow. Speak to Blade Scout Shelby to finish the quest.



Dwarves (Deldrimor)


Dwarves (Stone Summit)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Captain Hugo Bronzebeard
"The Mursaat have taken Thunderhead Keep! Jalis ordered my scouts, Korg and Onar, ahead to learn what they can and to find the one the ancient texts call the Seer. [sic] It is said that he can fashion a set of armor capable of protecting one against Mursaat magic. Most like [sic] a tale told over a flagon of ale, but in these times who knows. I expected a report by now...something must have held them up. I'd feel better if ye went after them."
Yes Accept: "I'll see what I can find out."
No Decline: "Send someone else."
Ask Ask: "I sent the scouts up Talus Chute. It's northeast [sic] of Droknar's Forge. Find them!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Korg Snowfoot
"Nope. King Jalis sent me to find the seer. The old stories say that he can fashion magical armor to protect us from those Mursaat. I hope they are true. Even the Stone Summit have been driven from their mines. We sent Rornak to scout out the Ice Caves of Sorrow. Knowing him, he's been caught by now."
Onar Ironblood
"Korg mentioned a seer, eh? I've heard the stories and I don't believe them all, truth be told. More importantly, the Shining Blade's leader, Evennia, has been captured by the White Mantle. We're working with them to free her. Who ever would have thought that Deldrimor would ally with the Krytan rebels? Strange days, indeed.
Blade Scout Shelby is up ahead. She'll have a report for you."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Blade Scout Shelby
"Welcome hero. Ah, sent by the king himself, no less. Here is compensation for your journey. We are too few to march against the Unseen masters of the White Mantle. The Dwarves insist on finding some ancient spellcaster they claim is a seer. I appreciate their help but fear this is a fool's errand. Evennia would help us more than some old man and his dusty spells. Ice Caves of Sorrow indeed."


  • This does not show up in the Quest Log as a primary quest, but behaves as one: it is the quest leading to the next mission (Ice Caves of Sorrow).
  • Although the NPC's involved in this quest refer to the Seer as male, Seers are considered genderless.
  • Captain Hugo Bronzebeard states that "The Mursaat have taken Thunderhead Keep!", but in the mission, it is in fact held by the Stone Summit.
Anomaly Anomaly.Unlike other quest names, "The" in this quest's name is capitalized.