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Event start date: 9 September 2019
PvE event 7 of 9: Pantheon Bonus
PvP event 1 of 6: Random Arenas Bonus


By default, for the given date (now, if none given), this returns the index of the Weekly bonuses event and what the event name is. Currently this index number assumes a 9 week pve cycle and a 6 week PvP cycle (guesses). The index is a whole number between 1 and 9 or 6 inclusive. This template may need to be updated if the cycle resets or if new entries are discovered.


A date during the week-long event that you wish to check
Defaults to displaying the current variable results. Can be set to either "Login screen announcements", "Login screen announcements/Archive" or "Weekly bonuses" to format using {{Weekly bonuses}}, and "Foreman the Crier" to use {{Foreman the Crier dialogue}}, or "Main Page/activities".


Example 1

{{Automated weekly bonuses|date=5 June 2013|format=Weekly bonuses}}
  • Factions Elite Bonus3 June 2013
Kanaxai and Urgoz welcome your challenge! The Deep and Urgoz's Warren are open all week. Speak to Vash and Eurayle in Kaineng Center if you dare to go. Weekly bonuses last until 3 PM GMT on Monday.
  • Heroes' Ascent Bonus3 June 2013
The fight is on to hold the Hall of Heroes! This week, receive double Balthazar faction and Fame points while fighting in Heroes' Ascent. Weekly bonuses last until 3 PM GMT on Monday.

Example 2

{{Automated weekly bonuses|format=Login screen announcements}}

Pantheon Bonus

The gods are watching! Their statues across Tyria are active all week. [sic] Balthazar and Grenth in particular welcome all worthy adventurers with free passage to the Underworld and Fissure of Woe. Weekly bonuses last until 3 PM GMT on Monday.

Random Arenas Bonus

Are you ready to face any challenge? Receive double Balthazar faction and double Gladiator title points while fighting in Random Arenas! Weekly bonuses last until 3 PM GMT on Monday.

Example 3

{{Automated weekly bonuses|date=21 May 2013}}
Event start date: 20 May 2013
PvE event 2 of 9: Elonian Support Bonus
PvP event 2 of 6: Guild Versus Guild Bonus