The Challenge

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The Challenge
Section Kaineng City Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Bakghu
in Shenzun Tunnels
(Kaineng City)
Type Secondary quest
The Challenge Map
Path to Bakghu.

Defeat the rival gangs of the Undercity.

Quest information[edit]




If you are able, enter the Undercity from Vizunah Square (Local Quarter) and head slightly west. Otherwise, start at The Marketplace and enter the underground area from Wajjun Bazaar, heading north and then east.

When you arrive at his location, Bakghu will not be hostile. As he begins speaking, the other gangs will arrive; take this opportunity to move out of range (there is a good spot to the north, though be wary if you have The Shadow Blades active, as there will be a cluster of aggressive Shadow Blade Assassins nearby). Once the last gang member arrives, the groups will become hostile and attack each other. You can either join in or wait to defeat the weakened victors.


In The Undercity.

Foes (initially friendly)[edit]

Humans (Am Fah)

Humans (Jade Brotherhood)

Humans (Shadow Blades)



Initial dialogue[edit]

"You think you are tough, do you? Let us see how you fight on our turf. If you have the courage, meet us in the Undercity. We will be waiting for you."
Yes Accept: "Your mother won't recognize you when I'm done with you."
No Decline: "Sticks and stones may break my bones. No thanks."
Ask Ask: "Come to the Undercity when you have mustered the courage. Prepare yourself for a painful defeat!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Bakghu: "Look what the Charr dragged in! I did not think you would have the guts to show your face around here. Now, let us get a better look at those guts, shall we?"
Chong Poi: "Not so fast, Bakghu. A fight is not a fight unless the Jade Brotherhood are the ones picking it."
Bakghu: "Chong Poi, I thought you might rear your ugly head. Now seems an opportune time to eliminate two problems with one blow!"
Soar Windfeather: "The Tengu Wars may be over, but we have not forgotten how to fight. I warn you not to start this fight unless you are ready to see it through to the grisly conclusion, Hui."
Bakghu: "The Tengu as well? So be it. Time to dance, my feathered friend."
Tae Xang: "Not so fast! The Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood are not the only guilds in town. Prepare to taste the steel of the Shadow Blades!"
Bakghu: "Anyone else showing up to this party, or can we commence the beatings already? Be sure to shout your names as you draw your dying breaths. I shall drink a toast to the fallen this evening!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Senjo Wah
"We have lived in fear for far too long. Those gangs took over the neighborhood, demanded "protection" money, and kept us paralyzed with fear. Thank you for giving us back our dignity."


  • Be cautious of The Afflicted Miju and the Afflicted that spawn nearby; they can be aggroed by the gangsters, causing trouble for your party.
  • None of the named foes involved in this quest are bosses. This means that you cannot capture any skills from them.
Bug Bug.If Chong Poi's gang dies before he turns aggressive (e.g. during Cleansing the Undercity), the quest cannot continue; you will have to return to the outpost and retry.