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About me[edit]

I started playing Guild Wars in May 2005. At the beginning we were a small guild of 4 IRC friends who wanted to play something together.
But we broke up soon because we didn't do Missions and Quests together anyway.

I joined the Guardians of Phoenix July 2005 after I played a few Missions with them.
In Winter 2005 I was one of the few members who left GoP because I felt not happy there anymore after a few quarrells within the guild.
I started to regret it very soon and missed my friends there so I joined them again in March 2006 and in August I became a Knight of GoP :).
Sadly the guild is no more and I joined a new one (2008).

I'm a clumsy player sometimes with lack of orientation on the World Map.

I spend most of my time playing my Necromancer. She is the first character to go through a new campaign and attend every ingame Event.

Like a few friends in my guild I love to buy armor sets. Every character of mine has at least 5 of them.
And I love to collect Minipets ... can't wait for the next birthday ;)

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Account-based Titles[edit]

My characters moved to This page :)
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