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I'm Deaths Inhabatent, everyone in my guild just calls me Deaths. I'm an officer in Draconus Reincarnatus [DRGN].

I've been playing since Guild Wars Profiecies came out but i got my first account of my own when GW Factions came out. My first Char was a Assassin but soon after getting to the Mainland i deleted him and didnt remake my Assissn til later on after NF came out. I then made a Necro and that has been my main until recently where ive got addicted to my Sin. I think my least favorite to play is a my Dervish or a paragon in general is my least. I don't know why, it just bugs me. I'm a pretty casual gamer i help others more than i go and do stuff for myself.

Oh,if you see me in game and want to know more about our guild, just give me a shout.

SIDE NOTE: I made my Characters into a "family" persay there all named ether "Deaths" or "Lifes" everyone with "Deaths" are realated to Deaths Inhabatent. Everyone with "Lifes" are of course realated to Lifes Inhabatent I made a bit of a ying yang thing with Lifes being monk and Deaths being a Necro. Fight Til U Die is more like a close friend of this "family" and all lol I know i made this weird but who cares i dont I like it ^_^.

In-Game Characters[edit]

User Deaths Inhabatent Deaths.jpg


Born in Canthan
Age 14 year(s),2 month(s)
Created: 21 August, 2006
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level 20 2.000.000 XP
Guild Draconus Reincarnatus
Armor Necro Non 15k Sunspear
Weapon Woe Spreader


Elementalist.png Deaths Money Man
Mesmer.png Deaths Mesmerizing{Deleted}
Ranger.png Lifes Trap
Assassin.png Deaths Shadow Ninja
Necromancer.png Deaths Inhabatent
Warrior.png Fight Til U Die
Dervish.png Death God Bleach{deleted}
Monk.png Lifes Inhabatent
Paragon.png Lifes Voice


Born in Canthan. Has visited Elona, Tyria and some of the Far Shiverpeaks.

Tags about Me[edit]

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