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The fact that everyone thinks I'm male gets really annoying.

My characters:



Azira Moonsaber: Ranger/Elementalist (beast mastery/markmanship)

Elementaldragon Kai: Elementalist/Mesmer


Champion Phoenixlah: Ranger/Ritualist (Marksmanship/Expertise, secondary Communing)


Kirinin Malatasa: Necromancer/Monk (Death Magic)

Kalii Larasan: Dervish/Ranger (Scythe Mastery)

Shadowing Deathwind (my sister)


Erin the Island Fox

Zaishen Menagerie: White tiger, lynx, moa bird, lurker, reef lurker, crane, dune lizard, wolf, warthog, crocodile, Black Moa, Phoenix, jahai rat, hyena, lion, lioness, tiger, white wolf, polar bear, raven, Albino Rat, White Moa, White Jingle Moa, Jingle Bear

Looking for: Rainbow phoenix, mountain eagle, black wolf, black bear, Black Widow, Moss Spider

Heroes Unlocked:

Azira Moonsaber: Dunkoro, Tahlkora, Olias, Zenmai, Koss, Melonni, Master of Whispers, M.O.X. though I feel like I'm missing something

Champion Phoenixlah: Dunkoro, Tahlkora, Olias, Koss, Melonni, Ogden Stonehealer, Vekk, Pyre Fierceshot, Jora, Xandra, Gwen, Livia, M.O.X.

Corrupted Breath.jpg This user thinks dragons pwn.
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Female.png This user is female.
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Soulrending Shriek.jpg This user thinks the incubus look weird.
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