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Evangelion Angel is a male player from Finland.

I came into GW fall of 2006 and since then I've played about 5800hrs now.

Main character is my monk Angel. She's got 26 maxed titles atm. Working with Kurzick title now but still muck Luxons has to be farmed.

Play strategies of Angel: I am monk which means that I always need to take care of the team. No matter if I'm alone or with other human players. When I play alone with my heroes, I'm actively fighting with others. If I'm with other human players, I'll be good HB monk (well, I might have my Ruby Djinn with me)

Evangelion Angel
User Evangelion Angel EvaAng.jpg
Affiliation Kurzick
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 2435 (virtual)
Campaign Core


  • Activity level GW1 = Mostly retired
  • Activity level GW2 = Hardcore fanatic, I have taken part in all open Beta weekends.
                     In Beta I has already one Badass Guardian Angel lvl 34.
                     You can meet me there.
  • Activity level GW2 = Played since Beta. Playing mostly with 2-3 characters there.
                     All toon names begin with Evangelion.




Guild:Roses Alternative Safe Home, originally founded by Pheronike Stardust. Part of alliance The Monstous Fangs [fang]. Now I have the Leader status. Too bad that we don't have time to do recruiting. If you want to join us, just give me pm and you are welcome.


  • That 600/smiter build got nerfed. Now playing with two accounts same time on two comps and farming UW & FoW is "on hold" atm


  • Name originates to NGE manga series.


fi-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of Finnish (Suomen kieli).
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