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"These minions are my CHILDREN."

Born in Tyria
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level 20
Guild Good Night, My Friend
Armor Necromancer Istani armor
Weapon Cyclopian Wand

That one, that Elizile...she's certainly suspicious. Too happy all the time, for someone so desperate to save her country from destruction. Kryta isn't beyond saving just yet, but there's no telling just what that Lich has up its sleeve. If she isn't already afraid, she'd better start. There's just no time for skirts and hair bows right now. Make sure she's cracking down on her necromancy, Jade...

Flick, Prophecies

Elizile the Necrotic (born 1062 AE) is a Krytan Necromancer who claims to want nothing more than the good of Kryta. Despite this, her actions show otherwise--she never seems to be in any rush to join battle or take leave on critical missions, instead preferring to dress up her Minions and talk to her party members. She grows close to Jade after joining the party.

When Jade is stabbed by Flick in War in Kryta, the reality of the situation finally seems to hit her, and she is badly wracked by the betrayal and the near death of her friend. After this, she becomes much more intent on making a difference.



Once Flick and Jade reach Kryta for the first time in Prophecies after a long trek across the Shiverpeaks, the party is surprised when they are approached by Elizile. She is desperate to impress the two with her subpar necromancy, hoping to join them to help save her home from the undead. Flick is suspicious, but Jade immediately takes pity, and expresses her own desire to learn monk magic. They soon become fast friends, learning their magic together, and Elizile joins the party despite Flick's protests.


7 hero party

13 Blood Magic, 13 Death Magic, 3 Beast Mastery for some reason I need to fix that

I could do better


Elizile starts with yep starter armor. She is later upgraded to her current armor (listed above in her infobox) and later again to my wishful thinking armor (also in the infobox).




Lion's Arch (maybe)
"These minions are my CHILDREN."



  • Elizile is my second oldest character but also my second least developed.
  • For some reason last year I drastically changed their personality and appearance so that they now no longer match the necromancer stereotype.
  • Now their in-game appearance bothers me so I'm extremely tempted to balance it out more so it's not so much on the extreme "cutesy" character archetype.
  • A list of my characters can be found here.


  • I got nothing