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Born in Ascalon
Profession Monk Monk
Level 20
Guild Good Night, My Friend
  • Kill Khilbron

Jade is me best friend:)

Schnee Salada

Jade (born 1048 AE) is an Ascalonian Monk who grew up in the Ascalonian countryside with her friends, Flick and another dude known only as Schnee Salada. She si reasonable when none others is this yes.

On arrival to Kryta, Flick, Jade, and Schnee Salada were swept up in the fight against the White Mantle. Flick was hesitant to join the Shining Blade, but proved a huge help to their cause despite this, choosing to finish out the fight rather than investigate the Canthan plague with Jade and Schnee Salada.

Before leaving, Jade encouraged Flick to be more trusting. Being alone, broken, and unable to make good judgements, they blindly followed Vizier Khilbron's word and were utterly duped. They quickly realized their mistake, however, and brutally defeated him at the Door of Komalie, resolving to return to their untrusting ways.

When demons began to appear in Kryta, Flick, now feeling obligated to defend Tyria, joined forces with the Sunspears and fought savagely against the rise of Abaddon. By this time, they had a strong handle on their magic and could deal heavy fire damage.

With the rise of the Destroyers, Flick found their Fire Magic to be failing them and, fearing becoming useless, they began changing their focus. They abandoned Luka on the border between Kryta and the Shiverpeaks and changed their second profession to Mesmer in the belief that it was a more powerful profession than Ranger, and hoping to support the strength of their Fire Magic with Domination Magic.

With Gwen's resurface came, too, a flood of memories of the past. Throughout the events of Eye of the North, Flick wavered, uncertain of their place and wondering what had become of the joyful self that had existed during pre-Searing. They attempted to reminisce with Gwen on a couple of occasions, but, seeing her brush these attempts away, they elected to do the same and refocused on strengthening themself and their resolve, trying to forget what they had lost.

When the White Mantle returned, Flick was ready to fight hard once again, but this time they were much mightier. The White Mantle was winning easily with their gods on their side. Confused and not wanting to lose at any cost, Flick betrayed the Shining Blade and nearly killed Jade. They were eventually hunted down and killed themself, and had seemingly by this time lost sight of their true self completely. Their dying words were a prayer devoting themself to Balthazar, and in death, they were made into an Avatar of Balthazar.



Flick, Jade, and friend founded Good Night, My Friend prior to the Searing when they were all innocent, just following Jade and Schnee Salada's acceptance to Nolani Academy. Being a player character, they are unrecruitable, but recruit other characters and Heroes as needed.


8 Domination Magic, 12+3 Fire Magic, 9 Energy Storage


Flick starts out with basic elementalist starter armor labeled Apprentice's armor. They have an armor rating of 5. Similar to their comrades, their headgear (a Flame Eye) is not hidden.

Following Jade and Schnee Salada's return from Cantha, they upgrade to Kurzick armor with an armor rating of a perfect 60. Despite this, just before the defeat of Abaddon they upgrade again to Ancient armor, again with a rating of 60.


Idle quotes[edit]

Ascalon (pre-Searing)
"Have you seen a flute around?"
"I guess I'm going to inherit the family business, but honestly, I'd rather go abroad one day."
"I wonder when my friends will get back?"
"It gets so hot in the kitchens!"
"Jade is so smart and Schnee Salada is so cool. But I'm just a poor cook."
"Mary's apple pies are so good. I wonder if she'll give me the recipe."
"My friends are learning about magic at Nolani Academy. I'm jealous."
"There is so much to see in the world."
"Don't come up behind me like that."
"Don't worry. Luka will only bite if I tell her to."
"I keep seeing my home in ruins in my head."
"Is Evennia really who she says she is?"
"It's so desolate here."
"Kryta isn't everything I expected."
"Stupid fire. It's cold out here."
"I'll end this nightmare, whatever the cost."
"Isn't Palawa Joko lame? I expected more."
"Kormir knows much. I believe she says less."
"These people won't know what it is to lose your home. I'll see to that."
"Vabbi is beautiful. I won't let Abaddon touch any more of it."
Eye of the North
"Gwen has changed so much. I guess we have, too."
"I feel at home with the Norn."
"I have a fire inside me."
"The cold doesn't bother me, anyway."
"The Ebon Vanguard is admirable, but I'm after bigger game now."
"I guess we'd better think about how to help out that Keiran. Ugh. He's so infuriating."
"Mursaat are...pretty cool."
"The White Mantle are strong. They know what they're doing."
"Too much! Aaargh! Take care of your own love life!"
"Why are the White Mantle winning this time?"

Battle quotes[edit]

"Aren't the flames beautiful?"
"Don't underestimate my power!"
"Ha! That's another one for me."
"How does it feel to burn?"
"I'm figuring this out now."
"Who needs training in order to destroy?"
"You are weak!"




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