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This article contains summaries of henchman skill sets.

Eye of the North henchman skill sets[edit]

The henchman skill sets were upgraded in Eye of the North. While these changes are updated and available in this wiki already on the respective henchman pages, they are not summarized. I made this page to aid picking and choosing between henchmen to travel with before one have become accustomed to their new skill sets.

Warrior Talon Silverwing
Generic swordsman for offense and defense.
Crippling Slash Healing Signet Silverwing Slash Gash Savage Slash Protector's Defense "Shields Up!" Resurrection Signet
Warrior Devona
Knockback warrior.
Backbreaker Irresistible Blow Bull's Strike Counter Blow "None Shall Pass!" ... Resurrection Signet
Ranger Aidan
Energy denying multishooter.
Barrage Debilitating Shot Dual Shot Volley Troll Unguent Whirling Defense ... Resurrection Signet
Ranger Zho
Dazing disrupter.
Broad Head Arrow Disrupting Shot Penetrating Attack Read the Wind Savage Shot ... Resurrection Signet
Monk Lina
Generic protection monk.
Dismiss Condition Guardian Shield of Absorption Reversal of Fortune Shielding Hands Protective Spirit Zealous Benediction Resurrection Chant
Monk Mhenlo
Generic healing monk.
Deny Hexes Divine Intervention Dwayna's Kiss Light of Deliverance Orison of Healing Vigorous Spirit ... Resurrection Chant
Necromancer Eve
Life stealing energy supporter.
Blood Ritual Reaper's Mark Strip Enchantment Shadow Strike Vampiric Gaze ... Resurrection Signet
Mesmer Lo Sha
Shutdown mesmer.
Arcane Conundrum Conjure Phantasm Ether Feast Ineptitude Power Drain Waste Not, Want Not ... Resurrection Signet
Elementalist Cynn
Fire nuker.
Aura of Restoration Fire Attunement Fireball Glyph of Lesser Energy Liquid Flame Meteor Shower Mind Blast Resurrection Signet
Elementalist Herta
Offensive earth warder.
Aura of Restoration Earth Attunement Magnetic Surge Sandstorm Stone Daggers Ward Against Elements Ward Against Melee Resurrection Signet