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Introducing Myself[edit]

Hello everyone, I am a veteran Guild Wars player, who has played Guild Wars since the 2004 WPE and all subsequent betas. However, since I do not play as seriously as some, I am still very 'newb' in some areas.

Guild Wars is a game that continues to evolve, introducing new elements, and taking out old ones. For all this, it lacks a monthly fee! I think it is an MMO unique among all the MMO's out there.

As with the old wiki, I will try to make my job here filling out monster stubs and taking pictures. It's something I enjoy doing.

I am still very very new to how all this coding works, so I won't do anything fancy here, like other users have done (at least, not until I've figured out the coding more!)

Now-this 'official' Wiki still isn't as complete as the unoffical one, so I am here to help out a bit more.


P.S-I use the same name on the unofficial wiki-Swordfish56

My Intended Role Here[edit]

As in the unofficial wiki, I intend to make filling out NPC stubs and taking photos for monsters lacking pictures my role here.

Contacting Me[edit]

Leave a message on my Guildwiki talk page, or find me in-game as "Swordfish Longspear." I shuttle between GMT-7 and GMT+8 timezones.

Image Needed pages[edit]

Please feel free to strike something off the list if its picture gets taken! (Listing in Progress)

Help With this Project[edit]

The image project still needs more than a few! See This for a slightly 'more' comprehensive list.

  • Note: I see the logic behind the NPC Model project here on wiki, but personally speaking, I think that screenshots of NPC's as they appear in-game look far better than an official rendering with a plain white background.

A Few Things I would Like to See/Opinions in/about Guild Wars[edit]

  • I am partially against running in Prophecies. If its your first time playing the campaign, you SHOULD NOT be allowed to just hire a runner to run you to Sanctum Cay, Droknar's Forge, or Thunderhead Keep. Play the game and see the true richness of the story on your first time through! Afterwards, I don't mind running at all, but it really irks me to see how lazy people are these days.
  • Nerf all dungeon/Zquest running. Make quest items like Hammer of Kathandrax and Letter for Jatoro's Mother untradeable. You shouldn't get the rewards unless you do the work. On the flip side, certain dungeons should be toned down in difficulty, so that a wide variety of professions and builds can successfully complete them.
  • Add level requirements to armour to make Running to Droks/Ferrying to Docks useless.
  • A Gypsie Ettin minipet!
  • Return the old "Ashford Abbey" music back to Lion's Arch
  • Allow users to switch between Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North login themes!
  • Using Fame to discriminate in groups makes PvP extremely unpleasant for newcomers. I would completely remove the entire idea of rank. You can keep personal stats of HA wins, but using those stats to discriminate in groups should be a bannable offense. (I would go with something like a 3-strikes rule).
  • I HATE Elitism on Guild Wars with a passion. To force someone to rank grind to show that they are 'worthy' of joining group x is utterly foolish. Anyone else despise people who say (even in PvE) "forming group! Rank xx required show title"?
  • On a similar note, people who say LFG EXP only REALLY annoy me. People need to show toleration and do their best to educate and instruct newer players. Or else how do people learn how to play certain roles? There is no practice arena to practice specialist situations (ex: Isle of the Nameless doesn't teach people how to manage degeneration and health loss on 8 party members simultaneously), and the best way to grow experts in this game is on-the-job training. It's INTOLERANT ELITISTS like these that make playing with real players highly unpleasant. At least heroes and henchmen don't criticize you for not hitting skill x at precisely the right time.
  • I dislike the way people speculate Zaishen Keys and Ectoplasm. How often do you see people buy (say) 14ecto for 100k and try to sell 13ecto for 100k? I admit that it does make money, but the end result is that 1)They only want to sell in bulk and 2)Ectoplasm is kept from those who will actually use them instead of trying to resell them for profit.
  • Speed clearing may be a natural 'next step' to people who want to make money quickly, but it makes it near impossible for people to find groups if they can't play the ultra-specialized roles demanded of these builds. When was the last time you played in (say) the Underworld with a BALANCED TEAM? Personally, that would be 2 years ago, with my guild. And we finished it and had a total blast gaming for several consecutive hours.