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About me[edit]

Mesmer-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Mesmer by nature.
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW campaigns: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and Beyond.
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I began playing in August 2006. I joined GWOnline soon after starting to play. I'm not an expert and I have few titles, but I play to enjoy myself. I enjoy playing many classes but Mesmer is my favourite.

My main character (Valda) finally finished all three chapters, after my plan to get a native character through each one came to fruition. Now it would be nice to get the rest of my characters to do the same! I'm aiming to get all of my characters through each campaign, but they're currently all over the place. It might take me a while!

Of the few little titles I have, my favourite is currently 'Sweet Tooth' which I achieved without spending any gold or making any effort to farm for mandragor roots! (I think I only had three mandragor root cakes in the whole process.) I had a ton of Fruitcake in storage when the title came out and I got quite a lot of other sugary items over the last couple of festivals, then the Dragon Festival 2007 provided me with enough Creme Brulee to get me the title. I'm not sure I'll manage the second tier that way but I like a challenge!

Canthan New Year 2008 left me with a stack of fireworks so I decided to go for the Party Animal title too. Thankfully I didn't get around to it until the Farewell to Gaile event. Setting off loads of fireworks during The Frog's appearances got me to the first tier. I'm currently wondering if I can get to the second tier of that without spending any gold on it too!

I was an officer of DNRC until March 2008, when I was invited to become a member of Veritas Invictus [TRUE], a large, active, and long-established guild. In June 2008 I was surprised and pleased to then become an officer of TRUE! Sadly I had to step down due to real-life events in September 2008.

Valda, the Pirate Queen!

Toriana / Valda Rhian
I'm a grown-up...
Playing GW since 
August 2006
Member of GWOnline since 
August 2006
My guild 
Currently guildless due to lack of game-time.

Primary character
MesmerValda Rhian

Other characters
WarriorKira Rhian
RangerDiana Rhian
MonkTheia Rhian
ElementalistRen Adhira
AssassinLis Adhira
NecromancerEris Dea
RitualistAmaris Dea
DervishZuri Namir
ParagonArushi Namir
MesmerAutolycus King


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