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Do you guys also not sell purples that you get and always try to sell them? That's pretty annoying imo. I hope that's not a normal packrat. Mango 22:45, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

Purple normal drops are pointless to keep. However, I for instance have a mule for greens, 1 mule for minipets, 1 mule for yellow rare drops I haven't found a location for but also dont want to sell yet :P, and then there's a mule for tomes and dyes and there's one for festival event items, and then there's one for mods and inscriptions that are perfect. Seems pretty staight forward. -- File:User Clantron sig.gif Clantron 23:25, 30 January 2008 (UTC)
Your question is a bit confusing (Do you guys also not sell purples that you get and always try to sell them?) But I think you mean do we spam the trade channel or local chat with them instead of salvaging or selling them to a merchant. Packrat does not mean spammer and shouldn't be confused with such. Please see the definition of packrat if you've not already done so. Personally, I've no grapes (purple items), I either merc or salvage them. Even if? Why should it be annoying that someone may want to sell grapes via the trade channel (especially in the earlier areas of a campaign), or still use a grape which has what is needed on it till s/he finds something better? I believe some of the newer players may even appreciate them. :P
Anyway, why I'm a packrat:
  • I've a Hall of Monuments for more than 1 character. Currently one HoM requires 20 minipets (20 slots), 5 armour sets (20 slots), and 11 weapons as part of completion (11 slots). This totals up to 51 storage slots per character if we wish to retain those items on which we spent all our hard-earned gold (discounting head pieces). Assuming 1 set of armour is worn and the 11 weapons are placed on that character's heroes (after upgrading them so they're decent), this leaves 36 slots taken up by 1 completed HoM. I'm hesitant about purchasing elite armour then destroying it once I've displayed it in my HoM. :P
  • Some of my characters require different sets of armour & different weapons depending upon her activity (i.e., farming, running, normal PvE, etc).
  • An example of the Inventory which may be found in my mules (no, I don't have 9 mules :P   -- some mules carry more than one of the following category 'types')
  • One of each type of bow skin which isn't allocated to other characters/heroes (my fav weapon, all of which are either gold or green)
  • Greens which aren't allocated to other characters/heroes
  • Perfect or near-perfect golds which I may wish to salvage later on to upgrade destroyer weapons, and which aren't already allocated to other characters/heroes
  • Inscriptions / Mods
  • Event items
  • Stable hand to tend to at least one of each type of minipet which enters my possession
  • Librarian to hold Tomes (both normal and elite), scrolls, etc
  • Valet to hold armour when not in use by one of my main characters, and to also hold dyes
  • Provisioner to hold Materials for consumables / armour / destroyer weapons. Some of which requires more than the 1 stack allocated for us in the material section of our storage vault, thus the extra has to go someplace
User Elenya sig.gifElenya 15:42, 31 January 2008 (UTC)