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Phoenix1 cape emblem.png Alliance Of Fides [AoF]

Alliance Of Fides [AoF]
Guild Alliance Of Fides cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Leader Ting Lafal
Faction Faction (Luxon).jpg Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 26
Guild Hall Frozen Isle
VoIP Team Speak 3
Time zone GMT+1

[AoF] used to own HzH but is now rebuilding as a Luxon PvE guild. Our main activites include, title hunting, filling our HoM, doing areas such as The Deep, UW, DoA and things such as vanquishes, SoOsc, Kathsc and Oolasc. We are currently recruiting.

If you would like to join [AoF] you can contact us by:

  • PMing Ting Lafal (leader) Allta Spiorad (co-leader) Allysia Skyhawk (co-leader) Spirit Pap (co-leader) Ander Sanchez (co-leader) Pennywise The Clown (co-leader) Fallen Dark Orian (co-leader)

Roll of Parchment.png History

[AoF] was created on the 11/3/2008

  • September 27th 2009 - Joined the Blood Gods Wrath alliance which owns Amatz Basin.
  • September 2009 - BGW alliance gained control of Altrumm Ruins.
  • October 2009 - BGW alliance gained control of HzH.
  • October 2009 - BGW alliance gained control of Altrumm Ruins
  • November 2009 - Joined BoC Alliance
  • November 2009 - BoC alliance owns Altrumm Ruins
  • December 2009 - The alliance rotated, [AoF] leads.
  • December 25th 2009 - Christmas day and we gain control of HzH! Alliance of Fides still leading.


  • Rebuilding as PvE, titlehunting guild.


  • May 2011 - Joined DoA alliance (Luxon) currently owning Durheim Archives
  • July 2011 - Finally found our home in the Descent Of The Archangel [DoA] ally and are maintaining 1 mil faction to help the alliance out. Owning Eredon Terrace


[DoA] merged into [AoF] and everyone is holding their breath for Guild Wars 2. All former [DoA] officers as well as Dawn Inception, former leader of [DoA] are now officers and co-leaders of [AoF] Joined Shadows Of Ravenloft [SOR] alliance.

Main PvP.pngGuild Code

  • Please don't swear in guild/alliance chat, particularly if directed at an individual member. Let's keep it nice guys.
  • Please don't spam in guild/alliance chat, especially not in CAPS! No one enjoys it!

If you break these two, simple rules, an officer will ask you to stop, if you don't stop or start abusing the officer, or any of our members, you could be kicked from the guild.

And remember these rules are here to try and provide a friendly atmosphere in guild chat, please respect them! :)

Demonic Summoning Stone.pngRecruitment

Our current recruiting shouts:

[DoA] Lux alliance recruiting guilds and members.5 Mil solo,own town,|No reqs|Laid Back and Friendly Alliance|PM!

Orrian Tome.pngPromotion

[AoF] does not recruit officers, all our officers are trusted members of the guild, who have been promoted due to their loyalty and helpfulness to the guild and alliance

Main Featured.png Forums/Websites

As listed above

Guild Emblemer icon.pngGuild Hall

Alliance Of Fides Guild Hall
Frozen Isle.jpg
Location Frozen Isle
Upgrade Progress 13/13
Services Added Costs
GH Xunlai icon.jpgXunlai Agent Yes 10Platinum
GH dye trader icon.jpgDye Trader Yes 50Platinum
GH material trader icon.jpgCrafting Material Trader Yes 100Platinum
GH rare material trader icon.jpgRare Material Trader Yes 100Platinum
GH rune trader icon.jpgRune Trader Yes 25Platinum
GH scroll trader icon.jpgScroll Trader Yes 50Platinum
GH skill trainer icon.jpgSkill Trainer Yes 100Platinum
GH Priest of Balthazar icon.jpgPriest of Balthazar Yes 10Platinum
GH merchant icon.jpgMerchant Yes 25Platinum
GH weaponsmith icon.jpgWeaponsmith Yes 10Platinum
GH guild emblemer icon.jpgGuild Emblemer Yes 10Platinum
GH canthan ambassador icon.jpgCanthan Ambassador Yes 10Platinum
Furious Pumpkin Crown.pngFestival Hat Keeper Yes 10Platinum
Total cost 510Platinum

  • Our [AoF] background, showing our guild hall (not the full size version). Created by Kira Specialis:

Guild Alliance Of Fides Background.jpeg

Rune All Sup.pngGuild Members

  • Last updated May 2011



  • Elementalist Alaia Skyhawk
  • Ritualist Allta Spiorad
  • Warrior Ander Sanchez
  • Warrior Andran Steel
  • Necromancer Ckal Ktak
  • Dervish Doxy Nalan
  • Mesmer Fallen Dark Orian
  • Any Ineda Job
  • Necromancer Pap's Necro
  • Any Pennywise the Clown


  • Any Aeris Carol
  • Ritualist Afix Spiritcaller
  • Any Faer Adle
  • Any Frostty Donnut
  • Monk Healing Kylie
  • Any I Rho I
  • Any Kilroy Thunderfist
  • Any Marit Mardroem
  • Ranger Paps Little Arrows
  • Ritualist Sergio The Spirit
  • Any Shiama Kestrel
  • Any Sir Simian
  • Any Suibitus Nex
  • Any Swe Ekollon
  • Warrior Warrior Recca F

Alliance Of Fides Alliance
Leader Alliance Of Fides
Members Unknown