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Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Norn Commoner f.jpg
  • Female
Image:Norn Commoner f.jpg No
Norn Commoner.jpg
  • male
  • blue cloth edges
Image:Norn Commoner m.jpg No
  • female
  • hat
  • shepherd's staff on back
Image:Norn merchant f.jpg No
  • male
  • fringes
  • beardbinding
Image:Norn merchant m.jpg No
Eyja Consumable Vendor.jpg
  • Female
Image:Norn trader f.jpg No
Norn trader m.jpg
  • male
  • golden armor
  • noble\champion?
Image:Norn trader m.jpg Yes
Norn elder m.jpg
  • male
  • fur
  • bear fur feet
Image:Norn elder m.jpg Yes
Norn trader m green.jpg
  • male
  • green trousers
  • bearded
  • bareheaded
Image:Norn trader m green.jpg Yes
Norn m buckle.jpg
  • male
  • bare head and chest
  • Silly beltbuckle
Image:Norn m buckle.jpg Yes
Valgar Tempestcrafter.jpg
  • male
  • old
  • mallets
Image:Norn smith m.jpg No
  • female
Image:Norn material f.jpg No
  • Female
  • Norn
  • Bear claw shaped boots
  • Hood
  • Blue tattoos on upper legs
  • Furry arm guards with claws
Image:Norn hooded f.jpg No


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Tanni Silvermane.jpg
  • Female
Image:Norn guard f.jpg No
Norn guard m.jpg
  • Male
  • Bronze helmet with two horns
Image:Norn guard m.jpg Yes
Norn Guard Captain.jpg
  • Male
  • Iron / steel helmet with four horms
Image:Norn guard captain m.jpg Yes


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Sif Shadowhunter.jpg
  • female
  • unique
Image:Sif Shadowhunter.jpg Yes
Olrun Olafdottir.jpg
  • Female
  • unique
Image:Olrun Olafdottir.jpg No
Olaf Olafson.jpg
  • male
  • unique
Image:Olaf Olafson.jpg Yes
Egil Fireteller.jpg
  • male
  • bear claw shoes
  • unique?
Image:Egil Fireteller.jpg Yes
  • male
  • blonde
  • claw marks on chest and armor
  • unique
Image:Svanir.jpg Yes


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
  • bumanoid bear
  • blue skin
  • icy spikes
  • unique
Image:Nornbear.jpg Yes
Bear Form model.jpg
  • humanoid bear
Image:Bear Form model.jpg Yes