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Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Ghost Champion.png
  • Skull armor
Image:Ghost Champion.png Yes
NPC Avatar of Dwayna.jpg
  • Angel
Image:Avatar of Dwayna NPC.jpg No
Voice of Grenth.jpg
  • Purple glow under hood
  • ghostly hooded thing
  • blue glow under hood
Image:Voice of Grenth.jpg Yes
Lyssa's Muse.jpg
  • Ball of energy
Image:Lyssa's Muse.jpg No
Nature Spirit.jpg File:Nature Spirit.jpg No
Avatar of Kormir.jpg
  • Kormir with golden sheen
Image:Avatar of Kormir.jpg Yes
Vision of Glint.jpg
  • Vision of Glint
Image:Vision of Glint.jpg No
Avatar of Balthazar model.jpg Image:Avatar of Balthazar model.jpg Yes
Avatar of Dwayna model.jpg Image:Avatar of Dwayna model.jpg Yes
Avatar of Grenth model.jpg Image:Avatar of Grenth model.jpg Yes
Avatar of Lyssa model.jpg Image:Avatar of Lyssa model.jpg Yes
Avatar of Melandru model.jpg Image:Avatar of Melandru model.jpg Yes



Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Ascalonian ghost f.jpg Image:Ascalonian ghost f.jpg No
Ascalonian ghost m.png Image:Ascalonian ghost m.jpg Yes
Ascalon m hatless ghost.jpg
  • male
  • ghost
Image:Ascalon m hatless ghost.jpg No
Restless spirit.jpg Image:Krytan ghost m.jpg No
  • female
  • ghost
  • elonian
  • Ghostly version of Stasheh
Image:Kournan f ghost.jpg No
Ascalon Guard m ghost.jpg Image:Ascalon Guard m ghost.jpg No
Flaming Scepter ghost.jpg Image:Flaming Scepter ghost.jpg No
Ghostly Hero.png Image:Ghostly Hero.png Yes
Sahlahjar the Dead.jpg
  • male
  • ghost
  • appears to be wearing Warrior Vabbian armor.
Image:Sahlahjar the Dead.jpg No
Ghostly Scout.jpg
  • Male Sunspear ghost
Image:Sunspear ghost m.jpg No
Sunspear ghost f.jpg
  • Female Sunspear ghost
Image:Sunspear ghost f.jpg No
Tormented Soul m.png
  • Male
  • Purple ghost
  • Kournan outfit
Image:Tormented Soul m.png Yes
Tormented Soul f.jpg
  • Female
  • Purple ghost
  • Kournan outfit
  • Ghostly version of Kournan peasant f green
Image:Tormented Soul f.jpg No
Nightmare Charr.jpg
  • Ghostly Charr Necromancer
Image:Ghost Charr.jpg No
Ghost Deldrimor warrior.jpg Image:Ghost Deldrimor warrior.jpg No


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Ghost warrior.jpg
  • Male
  • ghost
  • Warrior
Image:Ghost warrior.jpg No
  • female
  • ghost
  • Rangerranger
  • Ghostly version using the body of Artemis, with a slightly different head.
Image:Ghost ranger.jpg No
Ghostly Priest (Nightfall).jpg
  • Ghostly monk
Image:Ghost monk.jpg No
Ghost Necromancer.jpg Image:Ghost necromancer.jpg No
Ghost mesmer.jpg


  • ghost
  • mesmer
  • eternal
  • ghostly version of Dunham.
Image:Ghost mesmer.jpg No


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
  • Ghostly version of Vizu
Image:Vizu.jpg Yes
Ghostly Althea.jpg Image:Ghostly Althea.jpg Yes
Master Togo ghost.jpg Image:Master Togo ghost.jpg Yes
Eternal Forgemaster.jpg
  • male
  • ghost
  • centaur
  • Ghostly version of Jungle Centaur martial.
Image:Eternal Forgemaster.jpg Yes
Ghost Dunkoro's Son.png
  • Male
  • Purple Sunspear ghost
  • Unique?
Image:Ghost Dunkoro's Son.png Yes
Archemorus.jpg Image:Archemorus.jpg No
Saint Viktor.jpg Image:Saint Viktor.jpg No


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Banished Dream Rider.jpg
  • Ghostly rider
Image:Ghostly rider.jpg No
  • Ghostly skeleton in robes
Image:Wraith.jpg Yes
  • Ghostly squid
Image:Phantom.jpg No


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Defensive binding spirit.jpg File:Defensive binding spirit.jpg No
Aggressive binding spirit.jpg File:Aggressive binding spirit.jpg No
  • Similar to attacking Binding Ritual spirits, but without chains
Image:Banshee.jpg Yes