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Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Baron Mirek Vasburg.jpg
  • Male
  • Red coat
  • "Peacock" hairstyle
  • Unique?
Image:Baron Mirek Vasburg.jpg Yes
Erys Vasburg render.jpg
  • Male
  • Striped coat
Image:Erys Vasburg render.jpg Yes
Danika zu Heltzer.jpg
  • Female
  • Red, thin strapped dress
Image:Danika zu Heltzer.jpg Yes
Kurzick noble f gray.jpg
  • Female
  • Dress with upside-down heart-shaped hole
  • Elaborate horizontal "peacock" hairstyle
Image:Kurzick noble f gray.jpg Yes
Kurzick noble f blue.jpg
  • Female
  • Blue-gray dress
  • Hair in a bun with chopsticks
  • Mask

Image:Kurzick noble f blue.jpg

Kurzick noble m old.jpg
  • Male
  • Coat
  • Sunken facial features
Image:Kurzick noble m old.jpg Yes
Kurzick noble m young.jpg
  • Male
  • Gray coat
  • Bald forehead with "peacock" hairstyle
Image:Kurzick noble m young.jpg Yes


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Kurzick child m.jpg
  • Male
Image:Kurzick child m.jpg Yes
Kurzick child f.jpg
  • Female
Image:Kurzick child f.jpg Yes

Peasants & Traders[edit]

Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Kurzick peasant f.jpg
  • Female
  • Long, black coat
  • Three circular braids
Image:Kurzick peasant f.jpg Yes
Kurzick peasant m.jpg
  • Male
  • Long, blue coata
  • Long ponytail
Image:Kurzick peasant m.jpg Yes
Kurzick merchant f.jpg
  • Female
  • Long, brown coat
  • Spiky hair
Image:Kurzick merchant f.jpg Yes
Kurzick traveler f.jpg
  • Female
  • Gray coat, pants and boots
  • Hair braided into two loops
Image:Kurzick traveler f.jpg Yes
Kurzick smith f.jpg
  • Female
  • Mohawk hairstyle
  • Crop top and pants attached by a harness.
Image:Kurzick smith f.jpg Yes
Kurzick smith f old.jpg
  • Unused (?)
  • Female
  • Locks over face
  • Tools on belt
Image:Kurzick smith f old.jpg Yes
Kurzick smith m.jpg
  • Male
  • Crop top
  • Suspenders
  • Baggy pants
Image:Kurzick smith m.jpg Yes
Kurzick merchant m.jpg
  • Male
  • Huge mohawk hairstyle bent to the left(from the back)
  • Largely black outfit
  • Black and gray striped shirt
  • Coat with large pouches
Image:Kurzick merchant m.jpg Yes

Guards & Militia[edit]

Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Kurzick guard m.jpg
  • Male
  • Long coat
  • spiked hair
  • similar to ranger but different hair and coat top
Image:Kurzick guard m.jpg Yes
Kurzick Guard f.jpg
  • Female
  • Long coat
  • spiked hair
Image:Kurzick Guard f.jpg Yes
Kurzick elementalist.jpg
  • Male
  • Long, black coat
  • Bald
Image:Kurzick elementalist.jpg Yes
Kurzick Warrior m.jpg
  • Male
  • Long, brown coa
  • Spiky hair
Image:Kurzick Warrior m.jpg Yes
Kurzick mesmer m.jpg
  • Male
  • Gray coat
  • Spiked hairstyle
Image:Kurzick mesmer m.jpg Yes
Kurzick assassin.jpg
  • Male
  • Mohawk hairstyle
  • Striped green bodysuit with corset
  • Uses Kurzick Assassin without weapons
Image:Kurzick assassin.jpg Yes
Kurzick priest.jpg
  • Male
  • Ornate mask
  • Blue-gray coat with red trim
  • Black and silver shirt
  • Gray pants
Image:Kurzick priest.jpg Yes
Kurzick ranger.jpg
  • Male
  • Spiked hair
  • Long coat
Image:Kurzick ranger.jpg Yes
Kurzick necromancer.jpg
  • Female
  • Black and gray dress
  • "Queen Amidala" style hair
  • Gray tights and boots
  • Gray collar
Image:Kurzick necromancer.jpg Yes
Kurzick ritualist.jpg
  • Male
  • Headwrap and elaborate braids
Image:Kurzick ritualist.jpg Yes
Kurzick monk.jpg
  • Female
  • Gray coat, black shorts, gray gloves and white leggings
  • Hair draped over two horizontal pins
Image:Kurzick monk.jpg Yes