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Kurzick noble m young.jpg
Affiliation Kurzicks
Type Human
Service Collector
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions
Haiju Lagoon collectors map.jpg

Mirko is a Kurzick armor collector, a type of NPC who trades armor pieces for trophies.



"...But I need them to be fresh, or I'll never finish it... If they aren't fresh enough, then... no I can't even think about what that could mean. Oh, good day to you! I didn't notice you there. I'm looking for enchanted vines, but only the freshest will do. If you bring me 3 Enchanted Vines, I will give you this in return."

If this collector does not carry armor for your character's profession:

"Hello! I've been collecting Enchanted Vines, but I have nothing left to trade for them. Why don't you try selling to an outfitter instead?"

Collector items[edit]


Location: Haiju Lagoon
Collecting: 3 Enchanted Vines

Profession Item AR Armor bonus Value
Warrior Warrior Shing Jea Helm 65 Armor +20 (vs. physical damage) 50 Gold
Ranger Ranger Shing Jea Mask 55 Armor +30 (vs. elemental damage) 50 Gold
Monk Monk Shing Jea Scalp Design 45 None 50 Gold
Necromancer Necromancer Shing Jea Scar Pattern 45 None 50 Gold
Mesmer Mesmer Shing Jea Mask 45 None 50 Gold
Elementalist Elementalist Elementalist's Aura 45 None 50 Gold
Assassin Assassin Shing Jea Mask 55 None 50 Gold
Ritualist Ritualist Shing Jea Headwrap 45 None 50 Gold