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Model Used by Keywords Suggested image name Rendered?
Zombie warrior.jpg


  • Warrior
Image:Zombie warrior.jpg Yes
Zombie monk.jpg


  • Monk
Image:Zombie monk.jpg Yes
Zombie necromancer.jpg


  • Necromancer
Image:Zombie necromancer.jpg Yes
Zombie Horseman.jpg


  • Necrid Horseman (without weapon)
Image:Zombie Horseman.jpg Yes
  • Hunched over
  • Hood
Image:Ghoul.jpg Yes
Bone Dragon.jpg


Image:Bone Dragon.jpg Yes
Undead Prince Rurik.jpg
  • Unique
Image:Undead Prince Rurik.jpg Yes

Mummies (Awakened)[edit]

Model Used by Keywords Suggested image name Rendered?
Awakened warrior.jpg
  • male
  • undead
Image:Awakened warrior.jpg Yes
Awakened ranger.jpg
  • male
  • undead
Image:Awakened ranger.jpg Yes
Awakened monk.jpg
  • male
  • undead
  • centaur
Image:Awakened monk.jpg Yes
Awakened necromancer.jpg
  • male
  • undead
  • Charr?
Image:Awakened necromancer.jpg Yes
Awakened mesmer.jpg
  • female
  • undead
  • centaur
Image:Awakened mesmer.jpg Yes
Awakened paragon.jpg
  • male
  • undead
Image:Awakened paragon.jpg Yes
Awakened dervish.jpg
  • male
  • undead
Image:Awakened dervish.jpg Yes
Palawa Joko.jpg
  • unique
Image:Palawa Joko.jpg Yes
Awakened Gray Giant (headless).jpg
  • male
  • undead
  • headless
Image:Lose your Head model.jpg No
Awakened Head.jpg
  • male
  • undead
  • head of Awakened Gray Giant
  • half mask, one tusk (other side)
Image:Awakened Head.jpg No
Awakened Head Form model.jpg Image:Awakened Head Form model.jpg No


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
  • No horns
Image:Abomination.jpg No
Dead Thresher.jpg
  • Horns
Image:Horned Abomination.jpg No