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Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Mad King Thorn.jpg
  • unique
Image:Mad King Thorn.jpg Yes
Mad King's Guard.jpg Image:Mad King's Guard.jpg Yes
Transmogrifier Tonic Model.jpg Image:Transmogrifier Tonic Model.jpg Yes
The Countess of Hakewood.jpg Image:The Countess of Hakewood.jpg Yes
Emissary of King Thorn of Kryta.jpg Image:Emissary of King Thorn of Kryta.jpg Yes
Gul Terror.jpg Image:Gul Terror.jpg Yes
The Sorceress of Kessex.jpg Image:The Sorceress of Kessex.jpg Yes
Malavaka.jpg Image:Malavaka.jpg Yes
The Harbinger of King Thorn.jpg Image:The Harbinger of King Thorn.jpg Yes
Nameless Lich.jpg Image:Nameless Lich.jpg Yes
Elegant Sarcophagus.jpg
  • Tecnhnically a NPC, but functions as an interactive object.
Image:Elegant Sarcophagus.jpg Yes
Fun poses for Mad King Thorn
Mad King Thorn pointing.jpg Mad King Thorn flexing.jpg Mad King Thorn dancing.jpg Mad King Thorn hands clasped.jpg
Mad King Thorn scare.jpg Mad King Thorn ponder.jpg Mad King Thorn jovial.jpg
Miscellaneous shots
HalloweenCauldron.png Halloween Moon.png


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Candysmith Marley.jpg
  • Butterfly dress.
Image:Candysmith Marley.jpg Yes
Dreier Dane.jpg
  • Small mohawk
  • Naked
  • Uses the model of a playable tyrian Warrior character.
  • Unique?
Image:Dreier Dane.jpg No
Frost Maiden.jpg Frost Maiden
  • Unique?
  • Female
  • Similar to generic female Sunspear casters, but with blue sash and Captain Bolduhr's headdress
Image:Frost Maiden.jpg No
Kidnapped Reindeer.jpg no red nose on this one Image:Kidnapped Reindeer.jpg Yes
Rudi's Red Nose model.jpg Rudi's Red Nose Rudi's Red Nose this one has the nose :) Image:Rudi's Red Nose model.jpg Yes
Jingle Bear.jpg
  • Polar bear with collar
File:Jingle_Bear.jpg Yes
Freezie.jpg Image:Freezie.jpg Yes
Snowman (smiling).jpg Image:Snowman (smiling).jpg Yes
Snowman (frowning).jpg Image:Snowman (frowning).jpg Yes
Grentch.jpg Image:Grentch.jpg Yes
Elf.jpg Image:Elf.jpg Yes
Miscellaneous fun shots
Grazing Reindeer.jpg

Day of the Tengu[edit]

Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Image used unknown
  • Suspect its one of the Canthan guard images
Image:Canthan guard f.jpg or Image:Canthan guard m.jpg Probably

Canthan New Year[edit]

Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Imperial chef m.jpg
  • male
  • chefs hat
  • purple cloths
Image:Imperial chef m.jpg Yes
Rollerbeetle blue.jpg
  • rollerbeetle
  • blue
Image:Rollerbeetle blue.jpg Yes
Rollerbeetle green.jpg
  • rollerbeetle
  • green
Image:Rollerbeetle green.jpg Yes
Rollerbeetle purple.jpg
  • rollerbeetle
  • purple
Image:Rollerbeetle red.jpg Yes
Rollerbeetle red.jpg
  • rollerbeetle
  • red
Image:Rollerbeetle red.jpg Yes
Rollerbeetle turquoise.jpg
  • rollerbeetle
  • turquoise
Image:Rollerbeetle turquoise.jpg Yes
Rollerbeetle yellow.jpg
  • rollerbeetle
  • yellow
Image:Rollerbeetle yellow.jpg Yes
  • rollerbeetle
  • black with gold lightning
Image:Zippy.jpg Yes
  • A Nian!
Image:Nian.jpg Yes
Miscellaneous Nian shots
Nian rearing.jpg Nian front.jpg

Dragon Festival[edit]

Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Banished dream rider actor.jpg


Image:Banished dream rider actor.jpg Yes
Chaoswurm actor.jpg Chaos Wurm (actor) Image:Chaoswurm actor.jpg Yes
Grasp actor.jpg Image:Grasp actor.jpg Yes
Wrathful storm actor.jpg


Image:Wrathful storm actor.jpg Yes
Torment claw actor.jpg Torment Claw (actor) Image:Torment claw actor.jpg Yes
Chaos rift prop.jpg Chaos Rift (prop) Image:Chaos rift prop.jpg Yes
Paper tentacle prop 1.jpg Paper tentacle (prop) Image:Paper tentacle prop 1.jpg Yes
Paper tentacle prop 2.jpg Paper tentacle (prop) Image:Paper tentacle prop 2.jpg Yes
Miscellaneous shots
Torment claw actor scare.jpg Chaos wurm actor ponder.jpg

April's Fools[edit]

Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Corporal Bane.jpg
  • Modern armor
  • Gas Mask
Image:Corporal Bane.jpg Yes
Corporal Bane rifle.jpg
  • Modern armor
  • Gas Mask
  • Rifle on back
Image:Corporal Bane rifle.jpg Yes
  • Attack Helicopter...
Image:KT29-Moahawk.jpg Yes