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Model Used by Keywords Suggested image name Render complete?
Kanaxai.jpg Image:Kanaxai.jpg Yes
Oni.jpg Image:Oni.jpg Yes


See Guild Wars Wiki:Projects/NPC models/Bugs#Dryders


Model Used by Keywords Suggested image name Render complete?
Margonite Executioner.jpg Image:Margonite warrior.jpg No
Margonite Bowmaster.jpg Image:Margonite ranger.jpg No
Margonite healer.png Image:Margonite monk.png Yes
Margonite Warlock.jpg Image:Margonite necromancer.jpg No
Margonite Seer.jpg Image:Margonite mesmer.jpg No
Margonite Sorcerer.jpg
  • has concept art
File:Margonite elementalist.jpg No
Margonite Ascendant.jpg
  • has concept art
File:Margonite paragon.jpg No
Margonite Reaper.jpg Image:Margonite dervish.jpg No
Mallyx the Unyielding.jpg Image:Mallyx the Unyielding.jpg No

Torment creatures[edit]

Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Torment dervish.jpg
  • Has large extra finger.
Image:Torment dervish.jpg Yes
Torment caster.jpg
Image:Torment caster.jpg Yes
Torment Grasp.jpg
Image:Torment Grasp.jpg Yes
Torment Claw.jpg
Image:Torment Claw.jpg Yes
Smothering Tendrils.jpg
  • Pink, fleshy, larger version of Torment Claw
Image:Smothering Tendrils.jpg No
Torment warrior.jpg
Image:Torment warrior.jpg Yes
Torment ranger.jpg
Image:Torment ranger.jpg Yes
Stygian Lord.jpg
Image:Stygian Lord.jpg Yes
Torment necromancer.jpg
Image:Torment necromancer.jpg Yes
The Hunger.jpg Image:The Hunger.jpg Yes
Torment mesmer.jpg
Image:Torment mesmer.jpg Yes
Torment elementalist.jpg
Image:Torment elementalist.jpg Yes
Torment paragon.jpg
Image:Torment paragon.jpg Yes


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Shiro Tagachi Envoy.jpg
  • Transparent version of human Shiro
Image:Shiro Tagachi Envoy.jpg Yes
Courier Torivos.jpg
  • Blue eyes
  • Looks like a Minotaur(mythology)
Image:Courier Torivos.jpg Yes
Emissary Heleyne.jpg
  • Three Blue Eyes
Image:Emissary Heleyne.jpg Yes
Herald Demrikov.jpg
  • Light gray-purple Eyes
Image:Herald Demrikov.jpg Yes
Messenger Vetaura.jpg
  • Light teal eyes.
Image:Messenger Vetaura.jpg Yes


Model Used by Keywords Suggested image name Render complete?
  • Goatlike humanoid
  • Pinkish skin
  • Gray outfit
  • Skull necklace
Image:Gaki.jpg Yes
Hopping Vampire.jpg
  • Gray and red bat creature
  • White mask / skull face
Image:Hopping Vampire.jpg Yes
  • Large bat with gray fur
Image:Drinker.jpg Yes
Stormcloud Incubus.jpg
  • Large hairless pink and blue bat
Image:Stormcloud Incubus.jpg No
Unbound Energy.jpg
  • round, purple glowing lightnings.
  • also found during the Hell's Precipice mission, summoned by the Lich, but not as NPC.
Image:Unbound Energy.jpg No
The Blasphemy.jpg
  • slightly transperent like a spirit, purplsih glowing colors like Margonites, but not that noisy
  • horns
  • unique ?
Image:The Blasphemy.jpg No


See Guild Wars Wiki:Projects/NPC models/Destroyers


Model Used by Keywords Suggested image name Render complete?
Fire Imp.jpg


  • Shares model with Titans
  • Stone and lava body
Image:Fire Imp.jpg Yes
Ice Imp.jpg
  • Blue and gray
  • White beard and fur
Image:Ice Imp.jpg No
Forge Imp.jpg
  • Four glowing eyes
  • Gray body
Image:Forge Imp.jpg No

Nightmares and Shadow Army[edit]

Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Nightmare necromancer.jpg
  • Black with yellow markings
  • Shares model with Shadow Army
Image:Nightmare necromancer.jpg Yes
Scourge Vaettir.jpg
  • Transparent gray with light blue markings
Image:Nightmare monk.jpg No
Aatxe.jpg Image:Aatxe.jpg No
Coldfire Night.jpg Image:Coldfire Night.jpg No
Stalking Night.jpg Image:Stalking Night.jpg No
Mist Vaettir.jpg Image:Nightmare mesmer.jpg No
Abyssal.jpg Image:Abyssal.jpg Yes
Wind of Darkness.jpg Image:Shadow Army martial.jpg No
Shadow Elemental.jpg Image:Shadow Army caster m.jpg No
Chill of Darkness.jpg Image:Shadow Army caster f.jpg No


Model Used by Keywords Suggested image name Render complete?
Shiro'ken martial.jpg
Image:Shiro'ken martial.jpg Yes
Shiro'ken Ranger.jpg
Image:Shiro'ken Ranger.jpg Yes
Shiro'ken Monk.jpg
Image:Shiro'ken Monk.jpg Yes
Shiro'ken Necromancer.jpg
Image:Shiro'ken Necromancer.jpg Yes
Shiro'ken Mesmer.jpg
Image:Shiro'ken Mesmer.jpg Yes
Shiro'ken Elementalist.jpg
Image:Shiro'ken Elementalist.jpg Yes
Shiro'ken Ritualist.jpg
Image:Shiro'ken Ritualist.jpg Yes
Shiroken construct.jpg
File:Shiroken construct.jpg Yes


See Guild Wars Wiki:Projects/NPC models/Titans