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Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Brown spider.jpg


  • Dark brown
  • White underside
Image:Brown spider.jpg Yes
Crystal Spider.jpg
  • Eight legs
  • Blue crystal body
Image:Crystal Spider.jpg Yes
Moss Spider.jpg
  • Green
Image:Moss Spider.jpg Yes
Lava spider.jpg
  • Gray, rocklike carapace
  • Blue underside
Image:Lava spider.jpg Yes
  • Brown
  • Large spiked forelegs
Image:Nephila.jpg Yes
Dune Spider.jpg
  • Brown
  • Hairy legs
Image:Dune Spider.jpg Yes


  • Gray, pink and white
  • Red legs with white stripes
Image:Venomweaver.jpg Yes


  • Gray and orange
  • Uses scarab model
Image:Lifeweaver.jpg Yes


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
  • Bat-like creature
Image:Drinker.jpg Yes


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Red devourer.jpg
  • Red
Image:Red devourer.jpg Yes
Yellow devourer.jpg
  • Yellow-green
Image:Yellow devourer.jpg Yes
Ridged devourer.jpg
  • Pale gray-pink
  • White ridge on back
Image:Ridged devourer.jpg No
Siege Devourer render.jpg
  • Siege Devourer
Image:Siege Devourer render.jpg Yes
Trained Devourer.jpg Image:Trained Devourer.jpg Yes


(technically demons, included here due to appearance)

Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Silver Dryder.jpg
  • Silvery-blue and black
  • 2 eyes
  • 5 eyespots
Image:Silver Dryder.jpg No
Red Dryder.jpg
  • Red and gray
  • 2 eyes
  • 16 eyespots
Image:Red Dryder.jpg No
Yellow Dryder.jpg
  • Yellow and gray
  • 1 blue eye
  • No eyespots
Image:Yellow Dryder.jpg No
Terrorbond Dryder.jpg
  • Yellow and gray
  • Eight small red eyes
  • Ridged face
Image:Terrorbond Dryder.jpg Yes


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Jade Scarab.jpg
  • Gray and tan
Image:Jade Scarab.jpg Yes
Rock-Eater Scarab.jpg
  • Brown
Image:Brown scarab.jpg No
Moss Scarab.jpg
  • Green and tan
  • Spikes on back
Image:Green scarab.jpg No



Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Veldt Beetle Queen.jpg
  • Pink and white
Image:Beetle queen.jpg No
Dune Beetle Queen.jpg
  • Black and tan
Image:Dune Beetle Queen.jpg Yes
Preying Lance.jpg
  • Dark brown back
  • Pale tan underside
  • Pale tan limbs with dark brown stripes
Image:Beetle lance.jpg No
Dune Beetle Lance.jpg Image:Dune Beetle Lance.jpg No
Rain Beetle.jpg
  • Black shell with white ripple pattern
Image:Rain Beetle.jpg No
Rock Beetle.jpg
  • Orange and red striped shell
Image:Rock Beetle.jpg No
Thorn Beetle Queen.jpg
  • Black, brown and gray
  • Spiked carapace
Image:Thorn Beetle Queen.jpg Yes
Deadly Lavastrider.jpg
  • Gray and white shell
Image:Deadly Lavastrider.jpg No
Ghosteater Beetle.jpg
  • Very similar to mantids
  • Blue, black and gray
  • Four arms, two legs
  • Horn on forehead
Image:Ghosteater Beetle.jpg Yes


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Bladed Termite.jpg
  • Bladed Termite
Image:Bladed Termite.jpg No


Model Used by Keywords Render Name Rendered?
Mantid Gazer.jpg
  • Monk
  • Spiked tail
  • Spiked wings
  • Spiked back
  • 2 wings, 2 legs
  • Reddish-brown and black
Mantid Destroyer.jpg
  • Spiked tail
  • Spiked limbs
  • Spiked back
  • Four arms, two legs
  • Brown and red
Mantis Mender.jpg
  • Monk
  • Echovald mantis
  • 2 wings, 2 legs
  • Gray and yellow
Mantid Nymph.jpg
  • Two arms, two legs
  • Frill on head
  • Grey
Mantis Stormcaller.jpg
  • Spikes on back
  • Gray, red and orange
  • Four arms, two legs
Mantis Hunter.jpg
  • Two arms, four legs
  • Yellow and tan