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Disambig icon.png This article is about a weaponsmith in Guild Wars Prophecies. For the Luxon guard in Guild Wars Factions, see Hylas (Factions).
Ascalon m hatless.jpg
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Human
Service Weaponsmith
Level(s) 2
Campaign Prophecies

Hylas is a weaponsmith, a type of NPC that crafts weapons in exchange for crafting materials and gold and/or customizes weapons. It costs 10 gold to get a weapon customized.



"Select an item from my list below, then click "Craft.""
"Select a weapon from your inventory below, then click "Customize.""
"Select an item from your inventory below, then click "Sell.""

Weapons offered[edit]

Item Stats Requirements Weapon bonuses Materials Gold
Warrior Battle Axe Slashing Dmg: 7-19 5 Axe Mastery Dmg +2 (vs. Dwarves) 8 Iron Ingot(s) 2 Wood Plank(s) 200Gold
Warrior War Hammer Blunt Dmg: 14-23 4 Hammer Mastery Armor +8 (vs. Dwarves) 6 Iron Ingot(s) 4 Wood Plank(s) 200Gold
Warrior Long Sword Slashing Dmg: 11-17 5 Swordsmanship Armor +8 (vs. Dwarves) 8 Iron Ingot(s) 200Gold
Ranger Longbow Piercing Dmg: 12-21 5 Marksmanship Armor +8 (vs. Dwarves) 10 Wood Plank(s) 200Gold
Mesmer Jeweled Chakram Energy +6 5 Illusion Magic Health +10 5 Iron Ingot(s) 100Gold
Necromancer Grim Cesta Energy +6 5 Death Magic Health +10 5 Bone(s) 1 Scale(s) 100Gold
Elementalist Earth Scroll Energy +6 5 Earth Magic Health +10 1 Wood Plank(s) 2 Roll(s) of Parchment 100Gold
Monk Healing Ankh Energy +6 5 Healing Prayers Health +10 5 Granite Slab(s) 1 Chitin Fragment(s) 100Gold