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General Info

Im proud of my Wiki page ^^ The credit for the black box goes to Ayame and a lot of messing around with codes from various pages.

I have been playing Guild Wars for about 4 years now on and off. Currently I am playing Guild Wars on a regular basis. However I seem to spend more time on Wiki than I do on Guild Wars -_-

My oldest Character Ranger Bronwyn
My 'Splinter' Ranger.

My favorite class is by far the Mesmer
With that said my favorite character is Mesmer Beatrice
My Multitasking Mesmer.

One Character Per/Class
- I play PvE the most with Mesmer, Ritualist, Warrior, Elementalist, and Ranger
- PvP I play Mesmer, Elementalist, Monk and Necromancer
- And my ever so helpful mules Dervish, Paragon, and Assassin
I do occasionally play my mules in PvP but generally they are just Mules

I made a character of each class because I had 3 mesmers, 4 if you count the PvP mesmer and I thought "hey I have 10 slots, there is 10 classes, why don't I kill the 3 extra mesmers and 1 extra necromancer and make one of each class" figuring that like my elementalist if I played them in PvP I may like them enough to make them in PvE.


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