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Hello Every Visitors!!! I'm a New Member of this Wiki, just started so this page can seem poor and not so good, but i hope to provide it new informations and a better style, here i say something about me and about my account. Thanks for visiting, any help is liked, post on my Talk Page ;)

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Hi everyone, this page is dedicated to my Account, people know me with 2 principals char, Aires Pvp for the PvP part and Devil Luca for the Pve part.


Personally, i don't like the player that changed everyday Guild, when i find a guild and a group of player i don't like to change it. In the 3/4 four years, i played (i will write exactly when i open Gw :D) i changed only 2 Guilds, cause the first disband and all my friends went to other Guilds.

The 2 Guilds where i play are:
- Spirits From Hell [SH]
- Luce di Anor [Anor]


My main char is Devil Luca, the first i created, the name is not so good, but when i bought the game i want to play fast and so i created this ^^

Hall of Monuments[edit]

On 8 November i finished the Hall Of Monuments with 50 Points.

Favourite Things[edit]

My favourite things in guildwars are the Minipet and Tonics.


Acolyte Jin wearing Zaishen armor Acolyte Sousuke wearing Zaishen armor Dunkoro wearing Sunspear armor General Morgahn wearing Kournan armor Goren wearing Vabbian armor Koss wearing Sunspear armor Margrid the Sly wearing Corsair armor Master of Whispers wearing Mysterious armor Melonni wearing Sunspear armor Norgu wearing Thespian armor Olias wearing Krytan armor Razah wearing Mysterious armor Tahlkora wearing Istani armor Zenmai wearing Am Fah armor
Zhed Shadowhoof wearing Veldrunner armor Jora wearing Norn armor Pyre Fierceshot wearing Charr armor Ogden Stonehealer wearing Dwarven armor Livia wearing Shining Blade armor Gwen wearing Ebon Vanguard armor Vekk wearing Asuran armor Anton wearing Ebon Vanguard armor Xandra wearing Turtle Clan armor Hayda wearing Shining Blade armor Kahmu wearing Vabian armor MOX acquired Keiran not acquired Miku not acquired Zei Ri not acquired

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Here the List of my Titles. I'm 27/30 from 4 months and i won't continue on the titles, sincerly prefer r5 then r6 Titles.