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Zaishen Challenge Quests are quests that are given out daily at 16:00 UTC (9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time) at Embark Beach or Great Temple of Balthazar. There are four different types of quests available: Mission, Bounty, Vanquish, and Combat; and all quests give rewards that include Zaishen Coins, Experience, Gold, and Faction rewards.

Every day, we challenge you with different objectives, all over the world, running the gamut from missions to bounties to PvP. Take our daily challenges and get big rewards, including Zaishen Coins! Both challenge quests and Zaishen Coins were introduced in our Fourth Anniversary Update.

The Zaishen post their challenges each day on signs in the Great Temple of Balthazar. Click the signs to read the quest details and accept the challenge. Please note that, although you can finish them whenever you like, your Quest Log can only hold up to three of each type of Zaishen Challenge Quests.

Three quest types are offered each day:

  • Mission completion. Finish certain missions that the Zaishen deem high priority.
  • Bounties. Protect the innocent and kill those evil bosses!
  • Combat. Battle it out in different arenas and triumph over other players.

4th anniversary content update

In Embark Beach, a new signpost for daily quests allows you to take on Zaishen Vanquishes. Each day a new area will offer a quest, providing extra incentives and rewards for vanquishing that map. You can hold up to three vanquish quests in your log, and all zones that can be vanquished are part of the quest rotation.

Destination: Embark Beach

[edit] Quest overview

Date Zaishen Mission Zaishen Bounty Zaishen Combat Zaishen Vanquish Single reward
(Copper Zaishen CoinCopper Zaishen Coins)
16 April 2014 Destruction's Depths Kepkhet Marrowfeast Jade Quarry Tahnnakai Temple 140 + 70 + 105 + 150 = 465
17 April 2014 Venta Cemetery Commander Wahli Alliance Battles Vehjin Mines 100 + 70 + 175 + 150 = 495
18 April 2014 Fort Ranik Kanaxai Heroes' Ascent Poisoned Outcrops 74 + 210 + 350 + 250 = 884
19 April 2014 A Gate Too Far Khabuus Random Arena Prophet's Path 140 + 140 + 105 + 250 = 635
20 April 2014 Minister Cho's Estate Molotov Rocktail Fort Aspenwood The Eternal Grove 74 + 105 + 105 + 150 = 434
21 April 2014 Thunderhead Keep The Stygian Lords Jade Quarry Tasca's Demise 150 + 140 + 105 + 50 = 445
22 April 2014 Tihark Orchard Dragon Lich Random Arena Resplendent Makuun 100 + 105 + 105 + 150 = 460
23 April 2014 Finding the Bloodstone Havok Soulwail Fort Aspenwood Reed Bog 105 + 140 + 105 + 50 = 400
24 April 2014 Dunes of Despair Ghial the Bone Dancer Heroes' Ascent Unwaking Waters 100 + 70 + 350 + 150 = 670
25 April 2014 Vizunah Square Murakai, Lady of the Night Alliance Battles Stingray Strand 100 + 140 + 175 + 150 = 565
more predictions
The listed rewards are those you will get when you do the quests once with all bonus objectives.

[edit] Summary of quests

You can get the rewards from Zehnchu at the Great Temple of Balthazar or Embark Beach.

[edit] PvE quest lists

[edit] Zaishen Combat quests

Name Gold Faction Campaign / Expansion Copper Zaishen Coin Copper Zaishen Coins
Base 1st bonus 2nd bonus Total
Alliance Battles 1,000 7,500 Imperial Factions 25 50 100 175
Codex Arena 1,000 6,000 Balthazar Core 25 50 100 175
Fort Aspenwood 500 5,000 Imperial Factions 15 30 60 105
Guild Versus Guild 1,500 9,000 Balthazar Core 50 100 200 350
Heroes' Ascent 1,500 9,000 Balthazar Core 50 100 200 350
Jade Quarry 500 5,000 Imperial Factions 15 30 60 105
Random Arena 500 3,000 Balthazar Core 15 30 60 105

[edit] Notes

  • The different objectives in all quests can be fulfilled separately and in any frame of time. That means, for example:
  • Each character is limited to 3 active quests per challenge type.
  • The Zaishen Challenge Quests are available for one day according to a set rotation: Mission quests repeat every 69 days, Bounty quests every 66 days, Vanquish quests every 136 days, and Combat quests follow a 28-day rotation.
  • You can keep any quest for as long as you want before doing it, but you will not be able to take it again until completing it.
    • If you keep a Zaishen Mission, Bounty or Vanquish quest for the whole rotation and complete it on the day it repeats, it will not be offered again on that day.
    • Zaishen Combat quests can be repeated on the same day.
  • You will get the expected benefits for turning in Zaishen Mission, Bounty, and Vanquish quests during certain weekly bonuses: double Sunspear and Lightbringer points during Elonian Support and double Eye of the North reputation points during Northern Support.
  • Consider completing Zaishen Mission, Bounty, and Vanquish quests before their corresponding double Copper Zaishen Coins weekly bonus and waiting until that week to turn them in.
Bug Bug.A character will lose the opportunity to take a quest the next time it appears in the rotation if after accepting the quest reward and before the next time that quest appears in the rotation that character does not change districts, zone, nor log out and log back in. This bug does not affect Zaishen Combat quests.
Bug Bug.Unlike other quests:
  • Zaishen Challenge Quests with all objectives completed are not indicated with a "(Completed)" beside the quest name in the Quest Log.
  • The chat window does not display the usual "You receive <number> gold." message after accepting the reward for a Zaishen Challenge Quest.
Bug Bug.Trying to auto-run to one of the three signposts may cause you to run between them until you change direction. There's a small bit of space marked as pathable, but which is too small to actually move through.
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