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Here's a bit about my Guild-Wars Characters. I'll try to update as often as needed, but no promises.


Elementalist-icon.pngLon EonPropheciesPvE Mastery (Main Character)
Warrior-icon.pngMaster of PrePropheciesPerma-Pre character going for the LDoA title,
and aiming to help new players.
Necromancer-icon.pngAmazing AntPropheciesThis is my first character to go for the Survivor title.
Monk-icon.pngPrecooked MonkeyPropheciesLDoA wannabe, and title hunter.
(after leaving Pre)
Assassin-icon.pngEl Eat AssassinFactionsMy first Factions character, El Eat is my attempt to learn
about factions, and get some more titles.
Necromancer-icon.pngBlasphemy I SayFactionsBlasphemy I Say is my attempt to unlock more MM skills.
Elementalist-icon.pngFaction FlamboyantPropheciesFaction Flamboyant, (French for "Flaming Faction" or "Blazing Faction")
Is a PvP character whose primary purpose is Alliance Battles.
Paragon-icon.pngPair Ah GonNightfallPair Ah Gon is my only Nightfall Character,
and is my way of learning the story.

Lon Eon[edit]

Lon Eon is my main character, was created after a failed attempt to become a Mesmer (the skills of which I have yet to master), and had no real reason for the name other than boredom.
Lon Eon has been level 20 for quite some time, and frequents the Divinity Coast mission and bonus in order to help other people, and farm. Lon Eon can also be found in the Deldrimor War Camp, as it is the closest outpost to Sorrow's Furnace, where he farms for unique drops.
Lon Eon's preferred weapon is the fire spell flare.


Title TrackCurrent TitleProgressMaxed
Protector of TyriaProtector of TyriaCompleteYes
Tyrian CartographerTyrian Explorer60-70%No
Maxed TitlesNone1No


Lon Eon Currently wears a fully-infused Elite Flameforged Armor set, which at 15k (plus materials) per piece, came to a total of 60k. The armor has been dyed with Orange dye, which causes quite a nice flame effect on the back.


Master of Pre[edit]

Master of Pre has a simple purpose: to get the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title, and remain in Pre-Searing to help other players.
If Master of Pre is seen in Ascalon, feel free to ask to go Charr hunting. In addition, Master of Pre can give Charr Death-leveling tours.

Note: Do not contact me in game for either of these purposes if I am not logged in as Master of Pre. I will just put you in my ignore list.

Amazing Ant[edit]

Amazing Ant is now my first attempt at the Survivor title. In addition, it is my second time using a Necromancer character. First time, I thought "Wow, this is pointless."... Now I'm thinking "Wow! Undead minions! Why didn't I try this earlier?"
(Minions rock)

Anyway, I'll put info here when the Necromatic Survivor reaches lvl 20 for the first title in the Survivor series.

Precooked Monkey[edit]

Precooked Monkey is my second character to go for the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title. Unlike Master of Pre however, Precooked Monkey will be leaving Pre as soon as the title is obtained.


  • The name "Precooked Monkey" comes from the fact that the character is working on the LDoA title, and the fact that it is a monk. The rest of the name was merely the first thing I could think of that had both "Pre" and "Monk" in it, which was not already taken.
  • This character was created because I lost a bet.

El Eat Assassin[edit]

El Eat Assassin, as you may have guessed, is wordplay for Elite Assassin. Yes, that was purposeful.
El Eat is my first Factions character, although at this point, Lon Eon has done more of the Factions missions, due to already being level 20.
El Eat Assassin is a female character, who wears the exact same armor as Nika. As soon as I take the time to buy a large number of dyes, said armor will be the same color, as it is currently plain purple.