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Welcome to My Page!
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Hey, I'm Death By An Arrow (also my IGN) and thanks for taking a stop by my page. You can navigate to my talk page, between my main character, and data I have collected (such as what Wintersday quests ive completed on who, etc.) by clicking my tabs above.

I hope everybody has a happy Wintersday! :D
Latest in-game activities
A Bit About Myself

I have been playing Guild Wars for 4 years (come the first week of January '10) and it is by far my favourite game ever. I'm a very 'classic' person, meaning I like things the original way. An example I could give you, I guess, is my favourite weapon is the Longbow. Sure, some other bows look really 'cool' (the Dryad Bow isn't bad), but I will always return to my beloved longbow.

Death By An Arrow is my main character and has over half of my total play time. He's basically my first and favourite character ever <3
I primarily play PvE (usually as a Ranger, Assassin, or Monk) and am strongly Kurzick. I love to do Alliance Battles for faction, even though most people dislike it. I farm in on and off seasons because I try not to grind. I find that if all I did was grind, Guild Wars would get boring REALLY fast, so I space out my play time.

Incase you havn't already noticed, I LOVE HOLIDAYS! They get me all warm and fuzzy inside :)
Current Life Activities

So I'm really excited, because I plan on entering the Guild Wars Holiday 2009 art contest, something I've always wanted to do but didn'tfeel skilled enough to do. I think I have a really good idea, but so far I'm struggling with drawing one of the characters. I don't wanna give away too much (to anyone who's ACTUALLY reading this) but I will post my end result here on the wiki after I submit my entry to the officials. Wish me luck :)

User:Cloud_Xan deserves credit for the template of my Navbar.