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User Domador Domador Face.jpg

General Information[edit]

  • Handle: Domador (Dom for friends)
  • Location: X, Spain
  • Territory Europe
  • Age: No one knows and no one will know.
  • Gender: Male.png

Gaming Background[edit]

My first console played was probably a Sega (everyone had a sega) I specally remember the hours spent in Sonic the Hedgehog. Then my uncle gave to my cousins and me our first computer, we only had Age of Empires 1, until we lost it. Then, my cousin bought a SNES emulator for PC, that was the first time that I played Super Mario, but I played Chrono Trigger and the Legend of Zelda mostly. Some time after that, I managed to convince my parents to buy me a Game Boy Color, my first game was Pokemon Silver Edition and then I bought The Legend of Zelda, Oracle of Ages (almost a great fan of LoZ games there hehe).After that I got a Game Boy Advance SP more pokemon games there (Green Leaf, Emerald Edition and Sapphire Edition), and more Zelda games (the remake of the Legend of the Legend of Zelda :a Link to the Past and The Legend of Zelda :Minish Cap) After that i received my first proper computer and I bought all the Imperivm Series, until Civitas I. I discovered my addiction to FPS games some time later, specially Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. Then I bought my Nintendo DS with Mario Kart (awesome game). And the day of my birthday my cousin gave me the best present in the world: Guild Wars¡¡¡ He told me about it before but i never thought about buying it. I started with Nightfall and not much time later I got the other games, unfortunately someone stole my cousin's account, stealed all his money, ectos, value items and deleted all his characters, so he stopped playing. I recently bought the two Zelda games for DS (don't like Spirit Tracks very much)and Chrono Trigger Remake (awesome). Now, I'm still playing Guild Wars and I'm looking forward for Guild Wars 2 (hurry up Anet¡¡¡).

Guild History[edit]

  • Good ol' newbie times
    • The Garriders [TG]
    • Arkangeles De Los Dioses [AKGL]


I'm not a great fan of PvP, I sometimes do Jade Quarry or Fort Aspenwood but that's all.

Guild / Alliance

Guild Nice To Kill You.png Domador is an elite officer of Nice To Kill You [NTKU].


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