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General Information[edit]

  • Handle: Shadow
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Territory Europe
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Male.png

Gaming Background[edit]

Well, who has never played Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega? xD. This was my beginning in videogames, after this looong period of time playing Sonic Play Station appeared. Many hours were spent on Tekken 3 and Tomb Raider I,II,III,IV and Chronicles. Also do a special mention to Metal Gear, in which I loved doing the 1 vs 1 with the PSG-1 against the Sniper Woman(Who's name I don't remmember). Also Duke Nukem Time to Kill, how many times would I entered the pub from the beginning and call with the phones? Then computer was in charge of my gamming experience. A non famous game called Prisoner of Ice in which there are strange monsters that has come from the future and were suposed to come from the past... something strange, but in which you had to think a little bit for completing the game. Also GTA San Andreas, a lovely game in which I've spend many hours. I find it nice to drive without restrictions and with different types of vehicles (cars, bikes, helicopters, planes, trains...) but once you have completed everything it becomes boring. Commandos 4 was also a game I liked, specially the Sniper character, and I was good against other human players (HEADSHOT!). Then I played my first MMORPG, it was Tibia, a horrible graphics game(like LEGO®). A friend was everyday saying: "Play, play, play..." and one day I had to do it. The gamming style is somehow as WoW, but thousands of times worst. It is kind addicting which I don't like in a game, a game is good(in my opinion) when you WANT to play it, not if you NEED to do so. And finally a GW campaing was bought by my friends for me at my B-day. Obviously I liked this game, the prove of it is that I'm still playing with the same fun and desire as the first day.

Guild History[edit]

  • February 2007 => July 2008
    • Dark Side Force [DSF]

(It was my provisional guild for avoiding: "Do you wanna join my guild?" at every moment in cities)

  • Retired


I just hate it. I will never change to PvP, I'd rather quit Guild Wars. I have only 3 points of fame(HA) and 128 victory points(Commander).

Main Characters History[edit]

  • I started with Wylder Smith. The idea of an elementalist is always of great powers and so on. But I was a newbie at those times and I did not have runes in my heroes, not so many skills.... so everything was hard to me. Really an awful player.
  • Then Wildora Fox appeared. I liked rangers since I read the descprition in the GW main page. It was with her with who I learned how to play, the uses of runes and lot of secrets of the PvE gamming hints and tactics. She overcame Wylder so fast. I completed my first campaing with her and she was my main character, but my goal was getting the Rainbow Phoenyx, so when I got it... ¬¬
  • One stormy night a new legend was born, the beginning of the age of Shadow Slanderous started. When I used to play with Wildora and I saw Necromancers lvl 20 I used to think how can players be lvl 20 with a necromancer, it is quite a boring profession, all time stealing blood. But with Shadow I discoverd the dark side of darkness and magic. Two periods can be described in her life, the first one "Noob"consisting in basic blood magic, and the "Pro" one, of curses, death magic and all this stuff. Initialy I found it not so "one-hit-damage", which I was used to do, hits of "lot" of damage, but exploring diferent skills and combinations... I found the hidden potential of Necromancers. So, Shadow became my main character (but only in use, due to Wildora was "People Know Me (2)"). So my main goal was getting over rank 2 of this tittle track, once I did it, I could say Shadow was my Main Character. And she replaced in gamming time and fun all my diferent characters. Finaly, 7th March 2010, after traveling all around tyria, defeating every mob, drinking, parting and proving her support to the Luxons, Norn, Asura, Vanguard and Deldrimor dwarven, she became a GODESS. My Nickname comes from her. I love her eyes.

    User Spanish Shadow Lara2.pngSpanish ShadowUser Spanish Shadow Lara2.png

Guild / Alliance

Guild Nice To Kill You.png Shadow has been officer of Nice To Kill You [NTKU].
Guild Nice To Kill You.png Shadow has been leader of Nice To Kill You [NTKU].


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