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Affiliation Minion Overlord
Type Human
Level(s) 17
Campaign Denmark

Hello there. People call me Tokyo in game. I have been playing since the release date of 2005 in my country. I love both pve and pvp. In game I enjoy doing high-end areas, sc's, dungeons and vqs - everything which has something to do with teamplay. I'd have to say, that Physway is probably my favourite way to play. HA is also fun, even though Im working on it, I, unfortunately, dont know the right people - I hate this Rank discrimination, too. Ive been proud officers of evil, drow and rawr and had my own guild called The Vekk Fanclub, but atm Im in Desolation Lords.

~ Hyakuhi in progress.

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Wintersday Tokyo
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Leader Desolation Lords
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