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Regular Crafting Materials[edit]

Profit Margin
Profit Margin
Buy Stack
Crafts into
Bone(s) 100 100 100 30 30 2 Platinum 50: {{{2}}} Armor of Salvation
25: {{{2}}} Scroll of Resurrection
Iron Ingot(s) 8 Platinum 50: {{{2}}} Armor of Salvation
50: {{{2}}} Grail of Might
10: {{{2}}} Deldrimor Steel Ingot
Tanned Hide Square(s) 2000 5: {{{2}}} Elonian Leather Square
Scale(s) 4000 250: {{{2}}} Dragon Gauntlets
Chitin Fragment(s) 1500 -
Bolt(s) of Cloth 130 150 50 50 2000 -
Wood Plank(s) 2000 5: {{{2}}} Roll of Parchment
5: {{{2}}} Roll of Vellum
Granite Slab(s) 8500 250: Destroyer Weapon Destroyer Weapon (Gallery)
100: {{{2}}} Powerstone of Courage
Pile(s) of Glittering Dust 5 Platinum 50: {{{2}}} Essence of Celerity
50: {{{2}}} Grail of Might
5: {{{2}}} Bolt of Damask
5: {{{2}}} Roll of Vellum
100: {{{2}}} Powerstone of Courage
Plant Fiber(s) 9000 5: {{{2}}} Bolt of Damask
25: {{{2}}} Scroll of Resurrection
4: {{{2}}} Vial of Ink
Feather(s) 8 Platinum 50: {{{2}}} Essence of Celerity

Bone(s) Bone[edit]

  • Dropped by: Skeletons, primarily
  • Salvaged from: grim cesta, bone items (like bone staffs), jawbones, skulls, ribcages, tusks, skeleton limbs, kappa shells. Also 'half-chewed masses'
a CoF run yields a lot of bones

Iron Ingot(s) Iron Ingot[edit]

  • Dropped by: -
  • Salvaged from: Rods, Canes, Wands and by most swords, axes and daggers
    • (Hammers yield iron, wood or granite, depending on their type)
    • (Shield yield iron, wood, chitin or glittering dust, depending on their type)
  • Many items dropped during a Vaettir farm salvage into Iron Ingots (use a regular Salvage Kit to optimise), as well as a great deal of gold items which can be identified to contribute to the Wisdom title track. Alternatively, Glacial Stones found can be used to trade for a pair of Glacial Gauntlets or can be salvaged into Piles of Glittering Dust.

Tanned Hide Square(s) Tanned Hide Square[edit]

  • Dropped by: -
  • Salvaged from: Ranger and scout salvage items - (most) hides, tunics and vests.
    • Also from 'half-digested masses' and 'half-eaten blobs'

Scale(s) Scale[edit]

  • Dropped by: Skale, Naga (occasionally)
  • Salvaged from: skale fins, naga pelts, vermin and other hides..

Chitin Fragment(s) Chitin Fragment[edit]

  • Dropped by: Devourers
  • Salvaged from: Baked husks, carapaces, spider legs, mandibles, and jaws (not jawbones)

Bolt(s) of Cloth Bolt of Cloth[edit]

  • Dropped by: Spell casters like Elementalists and Necromancers
  • Salvaged from: Spellcasters - most shaman, sage, healers, ritualist and elementalist 'salvage robes', outfits, garments and gear. Also 'half-eaten masses'

Wood Plank(s) Wood Plank[edit]

  • Dropped by: -
  • Salvaged from: Divine symbols, Charr carvings and from most bows staffs and shields

Granite Slab(s) Granite Slab[edit]

  • Dropped by: Hulking Stone Elemental
  • Salvaged from: Scorched Lodestone, rusty axes, accursed icons, some hammers (ie jade, runic maul and spiked club), marble items (eg. Morostav Trail vq run)
  • Old Ascalon, outside Sardelac Sanitarium: Terra Tank (HM) - also charcoal, warrior tomes!

Pile(s) of Glittering Dust Pile of Glittering Dust[edit]

  • Dropped by: Fog Nightmares
  • Salvaged from: Jeweled chalices, Spider webs, manes, Mursaat tokens, Jade items, Demonic items, Celestial items, Ancient Eyes, Amber items (eg. Morostav Trail vq run)
  • Highly Salvagable inscription + Gold Great Conch (raptor)
  • Fog Nightmares during the Black Curtain farm (see Plant Fiber)

Plant Fiber(s) Plant Fiber[edit]

  • Dropped by: grasping roots, guardian moss and other hostile plants
  • Salvaged from: Seeds and grawl necklaces, primarily
  • Black Curtain v1 & Black Curtain v2 || Version
    • Rt/Me:
    • [Rt/Mev2;OAWjIwhM5QLBWMEPTMcAqi4kkiA]
    • N/Rt: OAhiYwhMZxQ8MVtL6KWVpFiTCA
    • [W/Rt;OQgkERVXILqkFj3ExjcZGTAwgVXB]
    • [N/Mo;OANTQYz8YqeYOISgU0NYmpmQeA]

  • A full run around the big tear-/eggplant-shaped rock formation in Holdings of Chokhin will yield many plant fibers as raw drop and from salvaged loot, due to the excessive amount of plants. An added bonus is the blessing at the shrine as you enter the area, which grants Sunspear points and there is a boss on your route.

Still looking for decent Plant Fiber spots or salvage! The areas around black curtain are the best i've seen untill now, and Dragon mosses haven't dropped much yet.. My stacks of dust vs damask is now 20 vs 1..

Feather(s) Feather[edit]

  • Dropped by: Tengu, Caromi and Avicara
  • Salvaged from: Tengu, Caromi, Senesali and Avicara scalps
  • Jaya Bluffs : VVK, Terra, N/Me: OAVCY8x0SQewewN4uYVlWIOJ
  • Nahpui Quarter: 55, blind, duo, VVK (need more/better builds!)

Artisans sorted by reachability[edit]

Name Location Bolt of Linen Bolt of Damask Bolt of Silk Steel Ingot Deldrimor Steel Ingot Lump of Charcoal Tempered Glass Vial Leather Square Elonian Leather Square Vial of Ink Roll of Parchment Roll of Vellum Spiritwood Plank
Xue Yi Kaineng Center No No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Jakatu Issnur Isles No Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes No No No No
Artisan Daved Old Ascalon Yes No No Yes No No No Yes No No Yes No No
Artisan Kristan Regent Valley Yes No No Yes No No No Yes No No Yes No No
Nido Shabra The Arid Sea No Yes No No Yes Yes No No Yes No No Yes Yes
Crafter Magnor Talus Chute No Yes No No Yes Yes No No Yes No No Yes Yes

:16:53, 6 January 2009 (UTC) : Added some information from this guide.

Further Notes[edit]

  • Measure For Measure ~300g
  • Great Conch
    • White
      • 15 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust avg = 240 Gold
    • Blue
      • 16 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust avg = 216 Gold
      • 40 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust avg = 640 Gold (HS)
    • Purple
      • 90 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust avg = 1440 Gold (HS)
    • Gold
      • 96 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust avg = 1536Gold (HS)


Make list of possible interesting salvage targets.

Take a look at this.