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Hello - I'm PyranMax, Leader of the Beast Dragoon. My main character is Pyrannicus Maximus, a W/MO Conquerer of all lands Guild Wars. I have 2 Mesmers (Napoleon and Ang), an Assassin (Reign), and another W/Mo (Barney). I have many retainer characters who did not work out, so they store collectables and unique items in the Guild Hall. Pyrannicus is a direct descendent to Magus Runecaster who went MIA in early 2006.

  • I mainly do PvE. I have a pretty aggressive playing style and lead many quests and missions for my fellow Beasties. I like to help people in the game - beginner or novice. I pride myself on getting goals accomplished: not just mine, but all my guildies. I can carry an axe and be in the front line or throwing spells on enemies for quicker kills. Getting Rezzed doesn't bother me a bit!
  • My personal interests are to keep synergy in the group at a maximum. Teaching others good techniques is my goal. I like being dependable and giving up the quest "leader" position to other members of a group. Majority of the killing in the game is done by the "Meat Shield" in the frontlines. I can pull the enemies like it is no tomorrow and keep the group alive. I would sacrifice my character to help my fellow guild members get to the next town or further in the mission.

Enough about me, how about some info on my Guild...

The Beast Dragoon [BDRG][edit]

There isn't much known of the group "Beast Dragoon". There are accounts of the Mesmers and Elementalists dabbling into the dark arts to unleash the FURY and MIGHT one will see on the battleground. With the dark arts are consequences...all enemies will feel the WRATH of this elite group. Unlike the accounts...recent years have yielded GLORY in battle and a sense of friendship that comes to each Member of the Beast Dragoon. Enough of the Mystical background. Click here to read up on: The Beast Dragoon.

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