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Hi. I'm relatively new to posting on this wiki, so please excuse any noobishness I may display. Typically, I favor my casters more than my meelee I favor my ranged characters, although my Assassin is my favorite meelee character, second overall only to my Ritualist. I'm the guy who, when things go wrong, jumps into the fray and tries to sort things out, usually dying in the process.

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Character Names (In order of age)[edit]

Komruk Akida (Dervish)
Proteus Eryx (Paragon)
Lacyus Sigil (Necromancer)
Kreya Malthus (Assassin)
Sage of the Arrows (Ranger), with his pet Moas Anrgybeaker (Black), Bleachbeaker (White), and Winterbeaker (White Jingle), and his Moss Spider Not A Beaker
Sage of the Earth (Elementalist)
Sage of the Spirits (Ritualist)
Sage of Hack Smash (Warrior)
Sage of the Prayers (Monk)

Crowing Achievements[edit]

Elite Kurzick Armor for my Ritualist
Vabbian Armor for my Necromancer
Elite Imperial Armor for my Assassin
Elite Luxon Armor for my Monk
Norn Armor for my Paragon and my Ranger
Monument Armor for my Dervish
Guardian of Cantha title on my Ritualist

Next objectives[edit]

Asuran Armor for my Assassin
Elite Platemail Armor for my Warrior
Monument Armor for my Dervish
Beat UW and FoW without Speed Clears


I am a Huge anime fan, and am constantly looking for new series to watch. I don't really like the really long "epic" animes, like Naruto or Bleach, but I will say that they are very well done to have lasted this long. As strange as this will sound, I sometimes draw upon the series for ideas for tactics or builds. Below is a list of the anime series I have watched or am watching.

Series Name Anime Status Manga Status
Ah! My Goddess Finished Not Started
Ah! My Goddess:Everyone Has Wings Finished Not Started
Air Gear Finished Started (Book 3)
Change 123 N/A In progress
D.Gray Man In Progress In Progress
Death Note In progress (EP21)
Full Metal Alchemist Finished In Progress (Waiting for more)
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood In Progress See above
Full Metal Panic Finished Finished
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Finished N/A
Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid Finished Finished (Retitled as FMP: Sigma)
Gintama Started (Ep9) Stalled
Gundam Wing Finished N/A
Gundam Seed Finished Finished
Gundam Seed Destiny Finished Finished
Gundam Seed Astray N/A Finished (see note)
Gundam 00 Finished (S1 and S2) In Progress (00V and 00F)
Hellsing Finished (TV and OVA) Missing books
Trigun In Progress Finished
Trigun Maximum N/A Started (book 3)
Witch Hunter Robin In Progress N/A

Note: For Gundam Seed Astray, I have read Astray, Astray R, X Astray, B Astray, Delta Astray, and Astray Destiny


Personal Sandbox

Shadow Form Rebalancing ideas

My feedback page

My Guild, The Wicked Legion

External Sites[edit]

My List of Personal Builds on PvX