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Assassin-icon.pngCloud Nisemono, Bored Assassin
User The Zissou.jpg
Assassin Asuran armor
Assassin Elite Canthan armor
Assassin Elite Kurzick armor
Assassin Vabbian armor
Assassin Norn armor
  • Pet:
A level 20 Black Moa named "Bill Murray".
  • Heroes:
Livia-icon.jpgOlias-icon.jpgMaster of Whispers headshot.jpg
  • A few Titles:
Legendary Spearmarshal
Rank 10 (all Reputations)
Elonian Vanquisher
Canthan Vanquisher
Protector of Tyria
Protector of Cantha
Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer
Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer

I've been playing Guild Wars since early 2007. My first character was a Ranger, though once I got Factions, I realized that sinning was more my style ;) I was a proud officer of the always dysfunctional, now defunct guild, Citadel Of Assassins [SiN]. I have only recently begun playing GW again, after the inclusion of 7 Hero PvE teams, allowing me to continue Vanquishing and Exploring with far less stress. Currently, I only play GW for the sake of preparing for GW2.

At the moment, I have 31 points in the Hall of Monuments. I am also currently a Member in Silver Saints [SLVR].

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