Ascalon Academy (PvP battle)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a location. This name is also used for a mission.
Ascalon Academy
Ascalon Academy.jpg
Region Pre-Searing Ascalon
Victory condition Kill Count
Party size 4
Allowed levels Any
Priest/Obelisk No
Effect None

The Ascalon Academy is the central training institution of the Ascalon Army. Its main building has two distinct clock towers. Access is gained by talking to Sir Tydus and fulfilling the requirements.

After The Path to Glory, you arrive here and take part in a four on four Player vs Player battle to teach you the basic skills of PvP. Winning or losing does not matter, you are allowed to proceed regardless.

It is possible to explore the northern portion of the map where you will find the open fields east of the Academy where the training takes place, complete with targets, weapon racks and even a broken catapult. Tents and a review stand are available so the intructors may observe in reasonable comfort.

After the match you are sent on a mission to help Prince Rurik.



Conditional allies[edit]

Up to three of these henchmen join the player's and/or the opposing player's party if there is an insufficient amount of team members otherwise. If the player is of the same primary profession as any of them, that henchman will not join the party.


Initial speech, identical for Haversdan & Warmaster Grast.

  • "Welcome to the Citadel. As Sir Tydus told you, we are about to launch a new offensive against the Charr."
  • "If you're going to fight under my command, I want to see how you perform in a real combat situation first."
  • "In just a few moments, we'll open this gate and let you fight another group of brave, young Ascalons."
  • "Don't worry. We have healers on hand to make sure you'll all live to fight another day. Indeed, if you are struck down, expect to be resurrected in a matter of seconds."
  • "Fight with honor, my friends. For this battle, it will not matter whether you win or lose."
  • "Any questions?"

Initial speech, by Drill Sergeant Mahoney.

  • "This is the Arena recruits!"
  • "There will be no surrender! If you die, we have shrines to resurrect you and send you back in!"
  • "I want no cowards! You have two minutes to gather more kills than your opponents, so you'd better not hang back."
  • "My judgment will be final! Now get out there and fight!"

(Mahoney runs to the isle at the side)


  • The Flux has no effect here.
  • If you are the only player leaving pre-Searing at the time, you do not do this battle before the main mission. If that is the case, you will be treated as if you lost.
  • You will automatically be assigned to a team of four, with level 3 henchmen filling any slot left over.
  • Once the battle starts, you can visit the rest of the Citadel through the rear exit to blues starting area.
  • If you die in this fight, it does count as death for the purposes of the Survivor title track, and thus will reset the progress of it.
    • Quitting the game will make you leave the battle. Once you login with the same character, the PvP battle will be skipped and will enter the next scene. This way you can still retain Survivor title track without the risk of dying.
  • It is possible to receive dishonorable for leaving this pvp match.