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This page illustrates the most effective skills available for bar compression.


  • Earth Shaker Earth Shaker can substitute for any number of knockdowns against clumped mobs.


Expertises' passive energy management is a key factor for bar compression in most ranger builds.

Heal as One is an excellent bar compression skill. Because of its ability to resurrect pets, mandatory bar placement for pet usage, activation time, recharge time, pressure through lifesteal, pet heal and range.


Healing Burst by itself works well for single target healing: at Divine Favor = 13, Healing Burst yields ~4.421 health regeneration at a cost of ~3.157 energy degeneration. (Its low recharge time makes it a better choice than Gift of Health.)
For efficient party healing, Unyielding Aura et al makes a better choice: at the same Divine Favor, the combination yields 3.51 to ~5.197 health regen for 2.875 energy degen (13 Divine Favor).
At Healing Prayers rank of 13, Light of Deliverance offers good party-wide healing at a reasonable cost. Heroes are also able to make better use of it than the HP/GoLE/HB skill chain, which is a better choice when you expect intermittent, but massive AoE damage.


Soul Reapings' passive energy management is a key factor for bar compression in most necromancer builds.

Order of the Vampire may be used in place of the more expensive Order of Pain while also providing a small heal in the form of life steal, thus freeing up valuable skill-slots.


  • Panic Panic = any number of interrupts against clumped groups. (Panic is useless for enemies that cannot be clumped or pulled into choke points.)



Palm Strike is commonly used to skip lead attacks and apply the required condition(s) to chain dual attacks (such as with Trampling Ox).


Signet of Spirits can replace several attack spirits.



Mysticism' passive energy management is a key factor for bar compression in most dervish builds.

Melandru & Dwayna both help with hexes and conditions respectively, allowing for excellent bar compression.
Pious Renewal is an excellent bar compression Teardown skill. It serves as a Feeder and cover enchantment and offers both Self-healing and Energy management


Asuran Scan single-handedly does the job of several skills slots reserved to counter blind, misses hexes such as Blurred Vision, blocked from any source (enchantment, stances, wards)...
"I Am Unstoppable!" single-handedly ignores the effects of knockdown, cripple and also grants 24 armor boost while being a shout (meaning instant effect and very few counters).
"You Move Like a Dwarf!" is the only true instant cast interrupt and snare in the game, as well as the only interrupt that snares beyond a knockdown. It also deals damage.